December 25, 2011

The Best Gift...EVER!

Tis the Season!!!  

The holidays are a special time of year for most of us...and for each of us for a different reason.  For some, it is the joy of giving and receiving, for others it is the time we get to spend with family and friends.  And yet, for others it is the one time of year we can eat whatever we want with little to no guilt.  

My holiday season changed forever 2 years ago.  My little Ella Holidae Marie was born on Dec. 4th.  She was due on Christmas Eve and due to my bout with pancreatitis, the doc and I agreed she should get here sooner.

So, December 4th is a special day...but this past December 4th, it became even more special.

Ella Holidae Marie celebrates her 2nd Birthday!
Ella Holidae Marie aka Tiny Little Angel Lumps, received the most precious gift anyone could ever give or receive.  She received the gift of the Holy Ghost!!  

Her big brother Jon was praying in the altar and I asked Ella if she wanted to go pray with Jon.  She said: "uh huh" and took my hand.

I led her to kneel beside him and figured she'd stay there maybe 20 seconds and then be off to do something else.  Boy, was I wrong.  She knelt down and began really crying.  I picked her up to move her back some and at that point, I could tell she was sobbing!!  I handed her to Trent who was kneeling nearby and he held her.  She covered her eyes with her hands, still sobbing and it was then I noticed she had stammering lips!  I began to talk to her like I would anyone else trying to receive the Holy Ghost and told her to just "tell God how much you love him" and although she is not able to actually speak those words, in seconds she was speaking in other tongues!!

She went around to various people who were standing by and asked to be held, put her head in their neck, sobbed and would speak in tongues over and over.  She literally could not stop!  It was the wildest thing I have ever seen!!!

So, as we all celebrate the season, let us not forget the best gift ever given, the gift of the Holy Ghost!!  
Merry Christmas to you all!

We are anticipating miracles, signs and wonders for the New Year!


September 29, 2011

She Sleep a week!!!

Whew.  Here it is, nearly two weeks after the dreaded "Sleep Training Week" and my life could not be any better!!

WOO HOO for me!!!

I am a co-sleeper parent.  Was with Jon.  Was with Ella.  With Jon, it was because I was nursing and I was SO exhausted (he was colicky) that I just could NOT get out of bed to feed him.  With Ella, it was my huge (self-inflicted) guilt trip of being gone all day (at work), that led me to believe our "only" time to be together was at night.  *sigh* 

Ella is not a friendly sleeper.  She thrashes, she flops, she spins, she kicks and much more.  She is SUCH a busy girl even when she is awake...that she must be reliving all the good times she had that her sleep.

So, it became necessary to get her to sleep in her own bed.  A "big girl" toddler bed.  I dreaded it.  I agonized over it.  I researched it. 

In fact, I googled everything I could on sleep training (there is really not much, unless you want to pay for advice) and I went to the library and checked out all three (3?!) books on sleep training.  Hmm.  The "sleep training" books each had ONE chapter that was semi-useful.  Google was much more helpful.  I stumbled onto Super Nanny.

No kidding, this website has TONS of useful information regarding child rearing.  AND it's actually practical and applicable.

Here's what I did:  First of all, I went to eBay...  What?  You don't immediately go to eBay when you have a big project???  You are doing it wrong.

I went to eBay and bought a HUGE lot of PJs for Ella.  I think I got 10 pair for less than $20 (including shipping).  This was crucial because I had NO EXCUSE to not put her in warm PJs each and every single night.

Did my research and marked my calendar for September 12.  Told the family..."this is it". and waited (dreading) this week to arrive.

Night one:  PJs on and say "night night" to the boys.  I take her to her room.  Tell her it's "night night" time, hug her, kiss her and lay her down.  Then I moved to the center of the room and faced the door (she could see my profile) and waited.  Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  She got down several times that night and Trent (who stayed in Jon's bed in the same room to help) had to put her back to bed several times after she fell asleep and woke back up.  I never heard a peep, so I assumed all went VERY well.

Night two:  PJs on and same routine as night one.  However, I did make a few changes to her bed.  I added her two biggest stuffed animals to her bed.  I had put on a recently worn shirt of Trent's on one...and a recently worn shirt of mine on the other.  I also switched out her pillow to one Trent had recently used.  She was virtually SURROUNDED and she could "smell us".  I laid her down and she tried to escape ONE time.  Fell asleep faster, but flopped around a lot.  Trent stayed in that room again and at some point she had got up and was standing next to his bed and he let her crawl in with him.  I was devastated.  :(   I thought:  "We have FAILED!!!  It.  is.  over.  But I was determined to make this matter HOW LONG it took.

Night three:  Same "night night" routine.  Lay her down and no escape attempts.  She fell asleep much quicker and stayed in bed the whole night.

Night four:  (Here's where it gets crazy).  Same "night night" routine.  Lay her down and I left the room.  After about 2 minutes, here she came....running for all she was worth.  I picked her up, hugged her, kissed her told her (again) it was "night night" time and laid her down.  She cried and whimpered a bit, but was asleep in less than 15 min.  I was BEAMING with pride.

Night five:  Same routine.  Lay her down and leave the room.  5 minutes and she was OUT. 

Yes, in 5 nights, my daughter learned how to sleep in her own bed and no one got hurt!

My BEST advice:
1.  Establish a routine that WORKS FOR YOU. 
2.  No matter what (even how tired or wore out you are), be consistent and DO NOT STOP. 
3.  Do your homework.  Make plans and be REALISTIC.
4.  Do NOT underestimate your child.  9 times out 10 they will surprise you.


September 9, 2011

Oh Be Careful Little Ears

There is nothing like a reality check from your kids.  You know the kind I'm talking about...there they are playing, when all of a sudden, they get upset and start yelling and pointing with angry eyes and mouth to their toy or worse...their playmate.  Where did they learn that behavior??

Well, sadly, they probably learned it from you.  You don't think so?  Check yourself.  Next time you are upset or your words, your actions, your facial expressions.  Bingo.  They are a perfect mirror image of what they see at home.

I didn't believe this was true for the longest time, until my son came along.  I learned very quickly to watch what I said or how I reacted to things when he was young...because I was/am a lazy parent.  LOL!  I don't want to have to fix something later down the road--I'd rather it never become a problem! 

Your children also have the distinct ability to copy the positive behavior too.  Jon used to love to "preach" when he was less than 2 years old.  He had a stuffed chair that he'd flip over and use as a pulpit and he'd bang away and raise his voice and "preach" to me and Trent.  He was copying his daddy.  Ella is the same way.  She has this habit of walking on her tiptoes.  I think she is copying me wearing heels.  HAHA! 

One of the greatest blessings of raising your kids in the church is the fact that they learn how to praise without one single solitarty lesson or Sunday School class.  Jon received the Holy Ghost when he was 2 1/2 years old.  He got it at my parent's home in Claremore, OK.  Trent was studying in a spare bedroom and heard Jon repeating over and over: "I praise you Jesus, I praise you Jesus".  It took us a while to figure out where he learned that...but it was from me!  I say that all the time and didn't realize it!  It wasn't long before he was crying.  And as real as anyone has ever received it, leaning over my mother's vacuum cleaner, Jon began speaking in tongues.  He had no idea what had happened or how important it was, but God, just could not let the praise go unnoticed...and so, He gave Jon a gift that will never grow old, be out of style, or lose it's value. 

Not to be outdone, Ella has taken on worship as well.  Quite frequently, she can be seen raising her hands, clapping, saying "amen" and jumping up and down at church.  I encourage this as much as possible.  Recently, at a Home Missions church, Ella noticed a saint speaking in tongues.  She stared, transfixed on the posture of this lady and the sounds coming out of her mouth...and there, she began copying what this lady was doing.  Since then, she has "spoke in tongues" several times and I am thinking she is trying to one up her brother by receiving the Holy Ghost before he did!  Won't that be something?!  And if, you happen to get lucky enough to sit with Ella during church...look out, if she "feels led", she is likely to lay hands on you and pray for you!

This photo was taken last week during our church prayer time. 


September 8, 2011

But by faith...


All of these words (and many more!!) describe my feelings and emotions about the decision to Home School.  I had only done a teeny tiny bit of research into it.  Had only asked a couple friends about what they did or what program they used.  I was so CLUELESS about how big of a subject Homeschooling is, that I just closed my eyes and jumped in...and starting swimming for dear life!

We made the decision to home school for various personal reasons.  One of which, is that being a Preacher's Kid, my son is subject to the most bizarre random schedule and "a bed time" is more of a general idea rather than rule of thumb.  Jon attended public school from Kindergarten until 2nd grade.  Like a brave soldier, he'd endure the ride home from church, arriving as late as 2 am (or later!!!) and getting up the next morning and going to school.  I felt like a dog.  My brave little guy would get up, go to class, come home, play hard, and never made a big scene about being "too tired" to go.  Some days, we would keep him home if the trip had been especially long or tiring...but usually, he went.

Now, before you all assume that we attend church 30 minutes from our home, and just like to party and chat and wile away the hours fellowshipping while our kids grow more and more tired, weary and have to understand that my husband is no ordinary preacher.  He not only pastors a church in South San Francisco, he evangelizes full time.  This means that he travels to various churches for different services, sometimes several nights in a row (but mostly on weekends--Sunday is our "big day").  Some of these churches are as far away as 4 hours--ONE WAY!  And like a good daddy, my husband would get there, get the job done and then get on the road ASAP so that Jon could get up and go to school.  On occasion, we (me, Jon and Ella) would stay home and still, Trent would make the drive home in order to be able to get up and take Jon to school the next morning since I still work a full time job.  Truly, if you knew how much my husband sacrifices for his'd give him a hug...and a medal.  He is an amazing daddy. 

So, we begin our journey into home schooling.  This means, a more laid back schedule for Jon.  Doing school work in his PJs with messed up hair and being able to spend the day with dad. 

We are on week 2 and so far, I feel GREAT about this decision.  Jon is breezing through all the review work they do at the beginning of the year and has nearly memorized the entire portion of scripture (Hebrews 11:7-10) that is required for them to learn the month of September (and we are only 5 lessons into the month!!!).  I am super proud of him and so thankful that we are giving this a chance.  I think the biggest advantage so far is that he seems to have increased self-confidence.  Had I known that would be a perk, I would have had MUCH less hesistation about making the change.

Oh, and little Ella is getting home schooled too.  I have been working with Ella in the evenings with phonics.  So far, she's learned the "E" sound: "eh".  Everytime she sees "E", she says "eh, eh, eh".  She is learning to count to 5, number recognition and ASL.  And...she is only 21 months old.  It is QUITE possible that I will have a little reader on my hands BEFORE Kindergarten.

So, we began this endevour, unsure, unaware, and unknowing...and, as Jon's memory verse states..."But by faith...", we are going to succeed. 

If you are a homeschooling parent, and on Facebook, please join our home school group! 


August 30, 2011

Be Anxious for Nothing

We've all said it.  "I can't wait!"  Which is a big fat lie.  Yes, you CAN wait...because you have no choice.  Not one of us has a time machine that can jettison us back and forth across the calendar to all the fun events and skip all the not fun ones.  We are all subject to the ticking of the clock and the turning of the calendar page.

What we should say is: "I am so excited about (fill in the blank), that I am anxious for it to arrive/start/open/etc."

Our whole lives are made up of many waiting games.  You wait when you are a child for mommy to get your lunch ready.  You wait when you are a pre-teen to turn into a "real teenager" so you can drive a car, date, or start college.  As an adult, we wait for vacation, doctor appointments and tax season.  HA!

The point is...we all WAIT.  Whether we want to or not.  We can't change that, no matter what.  But...there is one thing we CAN change.  It's how we wait.

Years ago, when I was 16, I had made plans to attend my first UPC Senior Camp in Oklahoma.  I was scared to death...but so excited/anxious because I was ready to make new friends and find my place within the UPC OK District Youth.  Prior to that, we had been in the ALJC and now I had to "start all over" and make new friends.  I remember a conversation with my dad about a month prior to camp.  We were talking about packing and getting ready and my dad asked me why I was worried about it so far in advance.  Well, I wanted to be prepared!  I didn't want to forget to pack something and basically I was wishing it were happening the next day so I could just BE THERE ALREADY.  My dad kind of shook his head and chuckled.  At the time, I figured it was because he was a guy and just didn't "get" how "important" these things were. 

Looking back, that conversation was a launching point into my own journey with worry, anxiety and waiting.  I think of it often.  I cannot recall a single detail about my first Senior Camp though.  Not one.  Oh sure, if I see pictures, I remember something, but I don't remember any details.  Funny, huh?

Too often, we get caught up in the worry, the prepping, the planning, the scheduling that we forget to LIVE.  How many of those days in between that conversation and camp did I waste writings lists, picking out clothes, working on hairstyles, etc...only to never even remember it. 

Now that I am older, I actually ENJOY the wait.  Yes, it's true.  I don't mind all the mundane routine and LIFE that I live in between the good stuff.  Why do you think the good stuff is so good?  It's because we have to wait for it! 

This past June, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us in CA.  We took the whole week and toured Southern California.  It was an EPIC vacation.  We laughed and ate and stayed up late and saw Mickey Mouse and rode rides and ate and laughed and went to the beach and ate and laughed and stayed up late and toured a big ship and ate and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was AWESOME!  And's over.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot make time stand still, or fast forward it.  When we hurry through the wait with worry, we mar the memory of the FUN. 

In my experience, stress begets stress.  The more I stress and worry...the more I stress and worry.  It is VERY hard for me to be relaxed about things.  I am a semi-perfectionist.  I am a first born.  I am a redhead.  It is in my nature to micro-manage ALL things.  But the older (and grayer!!!) I get, the less I worry. 

This has been churning in my brain and heart for over a week now.  And like a child tapping mommy on the leg to get her attention, God has been tapping me telling me to "Be anxious for nothing!" over and over...and I think it may have sunk in.

In fact, just last night, we were on our way down to Gilroy in traffic.  I could feel myself getting ready to go into "PANIC MODE".  Trent and I called each other to make sure we were meeting in the right place and before he got off the phone, he said: "Be careless!"  And I answered "Always!"  That may seem like a funny thing to tell your wife, but it was just God reminding me of the scripture I'd been hearing over and over in my head for days now...  Philippians 4:6 (NKJV)   Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;.  Another translation reads "Be careful for nothing..."or, as my husband reminded me "be careless".   So, I began saying: "Be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing"...and what do you know.  I relaxed.  I calmed down.  Ella had already fallen asleep and something I was dreading (driving in rush hour down 101 S) turned into a little quiet peaceful (stress-free) time for me.

I am learning that part of the fun of this journey called life is the waiting game.  We can worry through the wait (whether good or bad) or we can live through it.  And by live...I mean LIVE through it.  I am going to do my best to LIVE from moment to moment, day to day and year to year.  Time comes quickly enough and doesn't need to hurry or slow down any more than it already is.

After all, God's timing is always perfect.  He is ALWAYS on time, never late. 


July 29, 2011

MoMoMod Feature!

Several weeks ago, I posted about being selected by Chandra of MoMoMod (More Modern Modesty) to be featured on her blog.  Immediately, my head began to swell to the size of Texas.  No lie.  I was SO flattered!!

And in case you missed all the fuss on Facebook, here it is for you to review

Chandra does an excellent job of posting tips and tricks about dressing modestly (and frugally) on her blog.  I have been inspired by her SEVERAL times over.  A true modest fashionista.

Thank you Chandra for your post.  It really made my day!

You can find Chandra on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


July 28, 2011

A rose by any other name...

My family and I had our photos taken recently with Urban Rose Photography.  Deanna is not only a talented photgrapher, she is also my friend.  She has this amazing talent of capturing Jon smiling.  I honestly have no idea what kind of spell she has cast on him...but she is the only person he will smile (naturally) for.  YAY DEANNA!!!!!!  You are AWESOME!!

My favorite part about this session is how relaxed and casual we are.  This is the "real" us.  Okay, so we are not really "beach people"...except Ella, but we don't always look perfect, have perfect hair/clothes...and yeah, sometimes our feet get dirty.  I really love how natural we are in these photos.  Thanks Deanna for shooting the Gilliams "as is" and making us look so great!  (and skinny!)

You can follow Deanna's blog or become her friend on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks of our last session:

c/o Urban Rose Photography
I am having this made into an 11x14 canvas.  Aren't we STUNNING?
Thank you Urban Rose Photography!


July 27, 2011

A Vintage Find for my Sweet Pea

It is no secret that I am thrift store nut.  I LOVE shopping at the thrift.  A treasure hunt each and every time.  And sometimes you don't even know what kind of treasure you have until you bring it home.  Well, during the Best. Weekend. Ever., I thrifted a vintage Polly Flinders dress for Ella.  It was a gorgeous gold color and a size 4.  I thought I would have to save it until the fall/winter, but I am so glad I went ahead and made her wear it last weekend.  It barely covered her knees!  And looked ADORABLE on her.  THIS is how little girls should dress.  Totally classic, girly and the PERFECT coloring for her.  :)  Ella is wearing a vintage Polly Flinders Smocked Dress, Black Mary Janes from Payless, and a Black Flower Clip from Princy n Paris.

I had a mini photo session (with my iPhone) of her wearing her dress in Modesto, CA.

Jon and Ella (wearing vintage Polly Flinders)

A (rare) sweet moment.
Jon's expression is KILLING me.  HAHAHA!

Apparently, he was coaxing her to FLASH the camera.  BAHAHAHA! 

What can I say, I make beautiful children. 
Me and my Sweet Pea. 
I'm wearing an INC dress, Carlos Santana heels (not shown) and a NY&C headband.
Using Instagram 1977 finish to make the dress look more authentic. 
Jon's (Target) plaid shirt could be vintage too!


July 11, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

This past weekend was my birthday celebration weekend.  Every year for the last 4 years, my friend Kay-Kay and I get together to celebrate our bdays since they are a week apart.  This year, we added our good mutual friend Tiffany to the group.  Her bday is July 9th and we all celebrated last weekend.  We got a hotel in Sacramento, had dinner at Pete's (a local restaurant) and then walked the scary .4 miles to Rick's Dessert Diner--which was the highlight of the evening.  It was PACKED out.  Bodies everywhere.  A crazy twisting line and desserts galore.  I am pretty sure just inhaling the sugary fumes we gained at least 5 pounds. 
Part of the display case.  It was too crowded to get a wider angled shot.  :|

Happy Birthday to US!!!

Red Velvet Cake, White Chocolate Fudge, Lime Torte & White Chocolate Brownie--FATTIES!!
We stayed up and chatted until midnight.  Yeah, we are SUCH partyers...  And then got up the next morning for some MARATHON thrifting.  How lucky am I that I have friends who love to go thrifting?  Very very lucky.  I know.

With Starbucks in our bellies and a little caffeine jolt to get us started, we hit the first store.  And two hours later we emerged.  VICTORIOUS!  I managed to find a little ride on toy for Ella.  It's a giraffe and she squealed with delight when I brought it home to her.  :)

The next stop was HOT.  As in melt your face off, no air conditioning hot...but we endured for about an hour or so.  I managed to score a new with tags Coach scarf.  Ca-ching!

After that we went to lunch.  Elephant Bar!!  We had the coolest server EVER.  She was so friendly and open.  It made lunch even better.  The best part--besides the fact we all got dessert--was Tiffany was able to invite her to church and she genuinely seemed interested in going.  I am praying Jesus blesses her real good. 
We each got a little dessert!
After that, we had to say goodbye to Tiffany so she could go celebrate her bday with her family and friends.  But me and Kay-Kay weren't finished finding treasures.  We were planning on just ONE more store and then calling it a day.  On the way, we found this little thrift store and low and behold, the entire store was 50% off.  WOOT WOOT!!!  I scored a Peg Perego stroller for $17.  I have been wanting one of these strollers since Jon was a baby...I could just never afford one.  But, I can totally afford $17. 

Finally, we made it to our last stop and I lucked out and found a pair of brown Stuart Weitzmans that appear brand new for $10.  YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!!

It was a most successful and fun day and I cannot WAIT until next year.  We are already making plans!

Oh, and I should mention that the three of us happen to be married to the greatest guys ever.  All 3 of our boyfriends kept the kiddos for us while we partied and played.  The Best.Weekend. Ever.  Indeed.  :)


June 8, 2011

34 and Metamucil

I meant to blog yesterday on my BIRTHDAY, but time got away from me and I was not able to.

Yesterday, I turned 34.  That's right...THIRTY FOUR.  I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety about this birthday.  I'm not sure why...

I remember turning 30 and while most people seem to dread it, I was so EXCITED to turn 30 because in my mind, it meant I was FINALLY a grown up. that I've been a grown up for 4 long years...I am thinking it's not all that it's cracked up to be.  The older I get, the harder it is to do stuff.  It takes me longer to do the simple things and my memory is going going going gone!!!

But, typical me, I decided that 34 could be another rock star birthday...if I wanted it to be.  So, I just decided that it would be.  :)

I don't feel old, but sometimes I act old.  Trent makes fun of me sometimes because I'd MUCH rather stay home in comfy clothes lounging around the house rather than running the roads, shopping and hanging out.  I like to go to bed by 10:30 every night and I've become SUCH a creature of habit when it comes to my breakfast now.  I have to have an egg every single day.  Or else...I get REALLY cranky.

The last doctor I saw (for reasons that shall go unnamed, but you could all take a wild guess and probably be right...), told me I had to start taking Metamucil.  Yeah.  Right before my 34th you can see where the anxiety came in.

But come on!!!  How bad can Metamucil be?  (I still haven't bought any...)  Does it come in flavors? 

So, regardless of how much fiber I have to start stuffing myself with...this semi-geriatric 34 year old will party like a rock star all year long!!! 

Here I am the day before my birthday.  I still can't help but get a little excited...

Say Bye-Bye to 33!!

And here is my super most awesome amazing birthday present from my most fabulous precious husband.  Honestly, he spoils me totally rotten.  I probably take him for granted WAY too often, but I love him like crazy (and like a crazy person--there is a difference). 

Dooney & Bourke Flourentine Satchel--She needs a name!

*raising my glass of Metamucil*  CHEERS, Friends!  


May 30, 2011

Miracle Manicure...Maybe!

I've always been kinda weird about my nails.  I not only love the pampered feeling of freshly manicured nails, I also love the feeling of "ME TIME" when I can find some time to give myself a manicure.  I have TONS of stuff.  Buffers, Files, Cuticle Clippers, Cuticle Cream, Hand Cream, Etc., Etc. 

However, the most annoying part of a manicure is having it chip, crack or peel in less than 3 days.  Ok, so it's only like $12 to get a manicure, but still...shouldn't it look decent for a week?  At least?!?!  *sigh*

I heard about this while researching via the internet and googled and googled and googled until I finally had an idea about what it REALLY was.  Granted, even then I was skeptical, because I do not like fake nails (or fake looking nails).  So, I went to a salon that I found on Yelp, and asked for Ann.  An hour later, I walked out with nails that looked like this:

Beautiful Natural Looking Nails!  YAY!

This shellac gel manicure is a hybrid polish that is cured with UV light.  It is a bit thicker than a normal polish, but adds strength to your natural nails as well.  I immediately LOVED they way my nails looked and FELT!  They felt strong!  The thing with a shellac gel manicure is it claims to last 14 days (at least) with no chips, cracks or peeling.  It costs about $30 and takes about an hour to have done.

My nails 9 days later:
They look EXACTLY the same as they did on Day One!
After 12 days, I went in to have them done again, because they had started growing out.  I could have went longer, but like I said, I am a bit of a nail freak...

Totally LOVE the fact that I can walk out with DRY nails.  I can dig around in my bag with DRY nails to get my keys.  I can wash my hands with DRY nails immediately after having them done.  YES!!!  No smudging, chipping, cracking or peeling. 

A miracle manicure? decide!


May 26, 2011

Somethin' Smells Good!--A Virtual PARTY!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I came home from work tired and exhausted.  However as soon as I opened the door my nostrils were bombarded by the most delicious aroma!  What?!  Could it be?  Could Trent have COOKED something?  Surely not. 

Nope.  He didn't.  He just plugged in my Scentsy Warmer.  Well, that's good enough for me!

Right now I am burning Oats & Honey in my new Margot warmer.  I bought it from my good friend, Alesha who is now a Scentsy consultant.  I actually went to her to buy my mom a Mother's Day present and decided I needed a new warmer and some new scents too.

I bought Mom this Zebra plug-in along with Sunkissed Citrus & Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bars!

Have you tried Scentsy?

I asked Alesha to let me know about her Scentsy experience.

SWRB:  Where did you first experience Scentsy?
Alesha:  I had a Facebook friend who was constantly burning up my News Feed with Scentsy. I had no idea what it was, so when a friend of a friend locally started selling it I booked a party in my home. I loved smelling all the little testers! It was alot of fun picking out my favorite scents and helping my friends decide.

SWRB:  What was your first Scentsy purchase?
Alesha:  I used my hostess rewards to purchase a Roma plug in, 2 scent bars (Cozy Fireside & Cranberry Spice), 2 scent circles for my husbands stinky work van and my car (Clean Breeze & Cinnamon Bear). The great thing is all that only cost me $7 as a hostess!

SWRB:  What made you decide to become an consultant?
Alesha:  I had tried several other companies without any success.  I decided to try one last time. We are so close to being debtfree, but the paid for vehicles in the driveway need to be replaced. Rather than take out a loan, I decided to sell Scentsy and save my commissions for a newer vehicle next year.

SWRB:  If someone is new to Scentsy and doesn't know what to order, what do you suggest?
Alesha:  Everyone has different taste. Pick a warmer that matches your decor or makes you smile. Then, browse the 80 scents available. There's sure to be one you will like! Just don't order Berry Tart. I'm going to be frank and honest:  it smells musty. There are 79 other smells to choose from, so pick one of those!

SWRB:  What are the most popular warmers or sets?
Alesha: Here in the Bible Belt, I sell alot of Charity, which is a full sized warmer, and the most popular plug in would probably be the Zebra you ordered for your mom.  Most people start with a full size warmer system. It comes with a full size warmer & 3 scent bars. Ordering a system saves you a little bit.

SWRB:  What are the most popular scents?
Alesha:  French Lavender, Baked Apple Pie, Enchanted Mist, Clean Breeze, and Sweet Pea & Vanilla. That's my Top Five. The next five would be: Love Story, Vanilla Cream, Luna, Wishing Well, and Cranberry Mango.

SWRB:  What is the best way for someone to start their own Scentsy business?  How do they become a consultant?
Alesha: You need to visit my website and sign up with the company. In all honesty, I tested the waters before I paid the money. I asked friends and family if they would be willing to book a party for me. I actually had about three parties booked before I signed up. My suggestion is to contact me personally when you get ready to sign up so that I can order a set of basket testers to go along with your kit. Basket parties are the easiest thing for most people to do because we are all so busy these days!!

SWRB:  Do you have anything else you'd like to share about Scentsy?
Alesha:  I have so much fun with this company. My very first home party there was an 18 month old girl in attendance with her mom. She was the cutest thing! She would open a tester, smell, and if she liked the scent, she licked the tester! It was the funniest thing! It just goes to show how good these scents really smell!
Scentsy has really been an answer to prayer. I have finally found a product that virtually sells itself, and I have alot of fun doing it. If you are a stay at home mom who needs something to get you out of the house to meet new people, give Scentsy a chance. 
Perfect Scentsy

Such a cutie with his Scentsy Buddy!  Ella will probably get one of these for her Birthday!

I am having my very own VIRTUAL Scentsy Party!  This Virtual Party starts today, May 26 and will be open until June 10.  All my She Wears Red Boots readers will receive a FREE scent circle of their choice once they place an order.  Alesha will contact you after the party ends to find out which scent circle you want!  YAY!  A freebie!  I love freebies!!!

You can shop my Virtual Scentsy Party RIGHT HERE!  

If you would like to contact Alesha directly, you can email her at


May 12, 2011

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast...

I know...  I KNOW!  Long time no see, right?  Well, I took a "mental health break" for a bit.  No major drama or scandal going on...I just needed some space for a while.  I tend to get myself into a lot of trouble (mentally) by piling stuff on my plate and then I can't handle it all.  Then I crash.  Well...I had a little crash.  Actually, more like a fender bender...still, you know what I mean.  :)

Let's see, what did you all miss?  Honestly, not much.  :|
Weight loss is going good.  Slow, but good.  I am really at the place mentally where I am HAPPY with my weight and weight loss.  I am ok with losing a pound a week or whatever.  I no longer feel that desperate urge/struggle to LOSE WEIGHT.  No, I am not at my goal.  I still have 18 lbs to go...but I FEEL so much better about the whole thing.  I am down to a size 10 and actually wore an 8 yesterday which MADE MY DAY!  I have also started a group on Facebook for all my weight loss pals!  Anyone can join!!
Wearing: Evy's Tree Charcoal Cardigan, Black Tank, Grey Pleated Skirt--Size 8!!
PS:  I really LOATHE bathroom pics.  UGH!!

My $3 Thrift Store find!!!  Rachel Roy Sequin Flats

Mother's Day Memories...  I was wakened by Jon who wanted me to leap out of bed to go check out my presents.  HAHAHAHA!!!  So, after prying my eyelids open, I got up and was surprised to discover that I indeed had presents!  Jon made me a homemade sign that spelled "Jon".  He cut out 3 hearts and the letters J, O, N and glued them onto the hearts.  It was really cute.  He also gave me a coupon book full of coupons.  They all pitched in and got me some perfume, Givenchy's Ange Ou Demon Le Secret and a gorgous Michael Kors watch.  Yes.  I picked them both out.  Well, actually I cut out 8 different things from Macy's catalog and let Trent decide.  Ella picked out the perfume (Trent said it was based on the picture) and Trent selected the most expensive watch...which happened to be priced wrong, so it wasn't all THAT expensive.  WOO HOO!

We drove up to Redding for Mother's Day service and had a great time (as usual) with the Bobo's and Hope Center church.  I totally FAILED to get one pic of me with the kiddos.  Boo me.  I did manage to take a quick shot of them eating lunch on the way there.

 Yes, McD's for lunch totally qualifies me for mom of the year.

In other news:  Ella wore pigtails for the first time last week.  I am really looking forward to her hair being longer when I can experiment with hairstyles and stuff.  Although, I have to is kinda nice being able to put a bow on her head or barrette and being able to go.  I'm kinda a lazy mom like that.  HAHA!  Here is a short video clip showing off her pigtails.  She is calling for Jon, who is outside playing and ignoring her. 

I'd also like to mention that I am going to be featured on Chandra's MoMoMod blog soon.  I am working on pictures for her now.  Really excited and looking forward to the opportunity!


April 12, 2011

As though I didn't love them enough...

Y'all know Mrs. Perfekt, right?  Well, she stumbled upon the greatest video on Youtube...OF ALL TIME!!!  Wendy of Wendy's Look Book created a video with someone she calls "Mystery Man" (I am assuming this is her hubby!!) about how to tie a scarf...25 different ways!  25!  TWENTY FIVE!!!! 

I love scarves.  LOVE THEM!  I crochet them, I buy them, I wear them...but I wear them the same ol' 2 or 3 different styles all the time which makes loving them...less lovely.  *sigh*

Enter the video that changes all that.  THANK YOU A HUNDRED-FOLD WENDY!!!!  And thank you Mrs. Perfekt for sharing...You are my hero!

So, inspired by Wendy, I decided to give one of her scarf tying styles a try this morning and I literally WOWED myself.  I liked this scarf before...but now, I really really like it!

I went ahead and did a little outfit vlog for you today.  I am totally jazzed about this scarf and really and truly feel like I made an outfit out of the solid colors (black and blue) with this scarf.  I feel WAY more put together and I cannot way to experiment more with scarf tying! 

Wearing:  Gap Black/White Striped Scarf (Thrifted)
Merona Black Elbow Length Sleeve T Shirt (Target)
Cruise Wear Co. Black Open Cardigan (Cruise!)
Kenar Linen A-line Button Down Skirt (Thrifted)
Nine West Denim Embroidered Flats (eBay)
DKNY Pearl Face w/ Black Patent Leather Band Watch (TJ Maxx)


The 2 Minute Up-do
The Scarf--Tied "Rabbit Ear" Style
The Shoesies
The Watch

Do you wear scarves?  After watching Wendy's video...are you going to wear them more?  Do you feel scarves are only appropriate for winter wear?  I used to...not anymore! 
Let me know what you think!