My name is Amber.

I am a full time Evangelist/Preacher's Wife.  I'm a mommy to two really cool kids,  I homeschool and I serve as a director on a Ladies Board.

I have some college experience in the field of Marketing and marketing comes pretty naturally to me.  If you don't believe me, check me out on Facebook here.  I am CONSTANTLY advertising for some of my friends not because they are my friends...but because they sell the most fabulous stuff, ever. 

My two gorgeous and brilliant children are Jon and Ella.  Jon Thomas Trent is my eleven year old hero.  We call him Bubs.  Or Boo.  Or Killer.  HA!  He is my "mini-me".  It's crazy scary how much he looks like me as a kid (only he doesn't wear his hair long like I did or skirts...).  My daughter, Ella Holidae Marie, is my little ray of sunshine.  She is 4 years old and pure sugar.  Her nickname is Sugar Bumps or Lumpy and I promise, one little grin from her and you will be smitten.

Photo courtesy of Urban Rose Photography

My husband, Trent is my bestest friend.  I know, most married women say this (or at least they SHOULD), but I really would rather hang out with Trent than any other person on the entire planet.  He is a full time Evangelist and travels (mostly on weekends) to various churches preaching revivals or special services (mostly in California).  Trent and I both are very real people.  There is no flash and show with us.  What you see is what you get.  And we are the same at home as we are when we are out and about.  I'd say we are pretty laid back and easy going, not only as a couple, but as a pastor/preacher as well.

I am starting this blog as an outlet for my creativity.  I recently discovered blogging and fell in love with various daily style blogs (see my blogroll) and also some thrifting blogs as well.  I enjoy shopping to some degree...okay...I am a compulsive shopper and most recently a couponer!  Thrifting has become a favorite pastime for me, and I have never met a clearance rack I didn't like.

Photo courtesy of Urban Rose Photography

So, that is a little about me...and I am open to questions and comments.  Email me at amgilliam@gmail.com.

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