September 8, 2011

But by faith...


All of these words (and many more!!) describe my feelings and emotions about the decision to Home School.  I had only done a teeny tiny bit of research into it.  Had only asked a couple friends about what they did or what program they used.  I was so CLUELESS about how big of a subject Homeschooling is, that I just closed my eyes and jumped in...and starting swimming for dear life!

We made the decision to home school for various personal reasons.  One of which, is that being a Preacher's Kid, my son is subject to the most bizarre random schedule and "a bed time" is more of a general idea rather than rule of thumb.  Jon attended public school from Kindergarten until 2nd grade.  Like a brave soldier, he'd endure the ride home from church, arriving as late as 2 am (or later!!!) and getting up the next morning and going to school.  I felt like a dog.  My brave little guy would get up, go to class, come home, play hard, and never made a big scene about being "too tired" to go.  Some days, we would keep him home if the trip had been especially long or tiring...but usually, he went.

Now, before you all assume that we attend church 30 minutes from our home, and just like to party and chat and wile away the hours fellowshipping while our kids grow more and more tired, weary and have to understand that my husband is no ordinary preacher.  He not only pastors a church in South San Francisco, he evangelizes full time.  This means that he travels to various churches for different services, sometimes several nights in a row (but mostly on weekends--Sunday is our "big day").  Some of these churches are as far away as 4 hours--ONE WAY!  And like a good daddy, my husband would get there, get the job done and then get on the road ASAP so that Jon could get up and go to school.  On occasion, we (me, Jon and Ella) would stay home and still, Trent would make the drive home in order to be able to get up and take Jon to school the next morning since I still work a full time job.  Truly, if you knew how much my husband sacrifices for his'd give him a hug...and a medal.  He is an amazing daddy. 

So, we begin our journey into home schooling.  This means, a more laid back schedule for Jon.  Doing school work in his PJs with messed up hair and being able to spend the day with dad. 

We are on week 2 and so far, I feel GREAT about this decision.  Jon is breezing through all the review work they do at the beginning of the year and has nearly memorized the entire portion of scripture (Hebrews 11:7-10) that is required for them to learn the month of September (and we are only 5 lessons into the month!!!).  I am super proud of him and so thankful that we are giving this a chance.  I think the biggest advantage so far is that he seems to have increased self-confidence.  Had I known that would be a perk, I would have had MUCH less hesistation about making the change.

Oh, and little Ella is getting home schooled too.  I have been working with Ella in the evenings with phonics.  So far, she's learned the "E" sound: "eh".  Everytime she sees "E", she says "eh, eh, eh".  She is learning to count to 5, number recognition and ASL.  And...she is only 21 months old.  It is QUITE possible that I will have a little reader on my hands BEFORE Kindergarten.

So, we began this endevour, unsure, unaware, and unknowing...and, as Jon's memory verse states..."But by faith...", we are going to succeed. 

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Simply Taunya said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling. Wait until you see what he's like in 6 months. You will wonder where your child went and you will be amazingly thrilled as you watch him blossom! I can't believe how different my children are 18 months out of public schooling.

MuffinCupcakes said...

My son is the same age as Ella, and it amazes me how much he has learned. He can recognize all his letters and knows majority of their sounds. On top of that, he knows ALOT of sign language. It is cute when he picks up a book. He will come up and say "read", and then sit down and act like he knows what it says. And when you aren't looking you will hear him say the letters of some of the words. :) I just started teaching him the letters but he has been learning the signing since 3 months. Its a great feeling to see them learn. :D <3