July 24, 2012

She begins...Week THREE!

The last couple weeks has had me CONSUMED with working out and tracking food and counting calories.

I started week 3 of my 30 Day Challenge today AND also started Day ONE of another Biggest Loser Challenge.  WOOT! 

I have scheduled a different challenge within my Facebook Weight Loss Group to begin August 6th.

Obsessed much?  Uh, yeah.  Kinda.

This is the reason I was a wee bit hesitant to start a REAL workout routine, because I tend to lose track of EVERYTHING else in order to be consistent and continue with the program.  *sigh*  It's my firstborn nature...

So, update on the results:  Not much change.  Boo that.  In fact, I seem to be GAINING weight.  Go figure.  LOL!  I am only slightly convinced it is muscle because the inches are slowly coming off and my clothes are fitting much better.  

However, I recently downloaded the MyFitnessPal app for my iPhone and I'm giving it a try.  I am really impressed with the app and I like it much better than the Weight Watchers app I was using.

Now, along with all of this health stuff, I've been preparing for our Campmeeting (clothes for the kids!!!) and trying to make all the necessary lists.  

AND....I am also trying to pre-prepare (haha) for our Philippines trip.  We are leaving August 18th!!  AAHHHH!!!!  I am excited and ready to be there already!!  

Actually, the diet and exercise has been a nice distraction to keep me from going nuts about packing, making lists and etc.  HA!  Not to mention, I am getting stronger.  :D

My most favorite non-scale related success?  Dead-lifting Ella (40 lbs) from a sitting position.  I was sitting in a booth and picked her up and over my lap in order to put her in the booth.  I couldn't believe I was able to lift her without grunting and hurting my back.  WOOO!!!!  Being able to lift my 2 yr old is definitely a HUGE victory!  HAHA!!


July 14, 2012

Challenge Me: Week One, DONE!

My last post was about a challenge I was going to be participating in.

I do several challenges in my weight loss group on Facebook.  It's called Weight Loss Winners Who LOVE being LOSERS!  We are the Loser group, and it's FILLED with losers.  :)

However, one of those members recently started doing Beachbody.  Actually, she's been doing it several months and has done 2 rounds of P90X.  I've done Slim in 6 years ago, but when she asked if I'd join her challenge, I just felt something in me say: "DO IT!"

So, I signed up.  I had NO plans of getting up early and sweating.  I was thinking I'd work out in the evenings when it was cooler.  Wrong.  I've been getting up every day since Monday and working out at 7:00 am.  Seriously, this could not be any more shocking to me.  HA!

But, I LOVE IT!  I work out while it's cool and everyone is still asleep.  I eat breakfast alone (which is amazing!!!) and I feel like I have a whole day to myself--every day of the week!

So, I have to tell you what my results have been in one week.

Weight:  Down 2 lbs.
Bust:  Down 1 inch
Waist:  Down 2.5 inches (2.5 INCHES!!!!)
Hips: Down .5 inch
L/R Arm: Down .5 inch ea
Legs: No change--yet.  :)

I've lost 2 lbs and 5 inches in a week.  

I think next week will be more weight loss and fewer inches, but I'm okay with that.

I am super proud of myself already.  I have finished one week and I'm actually looking forward to Monday's workout...already!!  :)

I am hoping to be lean and mean before we leave for the Philippines and while there, start another challenge in my Weight Loss Group on Facebook.  If you'd like to join my group on Facebook, you have to request to be added.  It's a private group, as we discuss sensitive weight loss topics.  :)

Something else I am prayerfully considering...becoming a Beachbody coach.  :)  Yes, these workouts are THAT addicting.  Feels GOOD!


July 6, 2012

Challenge Me!

Great News!!!

We are DONE with 3rd grade!  WOOOOOOO!  Jon finished up school on July 4.  Not a bad way to celebrate our freedom, if I do say so myself!  HAHA!!  Now to start worrying and pondering what I'm gonna do for 4th grade.  AAAHHH!!!  

On a more personal note, I, Amber Marie Dunn Gilliam, will be doing a fitness challenge starting THIS MONDAY, July 9.  Some of you know I have a Weight Loss group on Facebook.  This has been HIGHLY motivational for me (as well as others), but I really do need/want to take it up a notch.  So, I committed to doing a workout with one of my members.  She is a Beachbody Coach and on Monday, I and a few other ladies will be doing the Brazilian Butt Lift program from Beach Body.  I am so excited, ready and quite frankly--scared to death.  Well, okay not "scared to death" more like "scared to worry".    I have done another Beachbody program in the past: Slim in 6, and I had great results and once I really committed to it, I loved it.  I am hopeful that in 30 days I can say the same thing about Brazilian Butt Lift.  

This challenge will keep me busy, and no doubt SORE right up until the time we leave for the Philippines, so this is perfect timing for me to do something for ME!  

Trent has mentioned (rather casually) that he'd do it too...but whether he does or not, I am determined to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 

This is my "before" photo I submitted to Beachbody.  It was taken June 3, 2012.  

My BEFORE before photo is still used as my profile photo for this blog.  So, I have come a long way...but still want to look even better.  

Wish me luck!!