January 3, 2011

*GASP* I have followers?!?! I am so humbled right now...

And EXCITED!  And a bit nervous. 

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  WOOO HOOO!!!  2011 is going to be THE YEAR!  I don't know what it will be the year of, but I am happy we all have a fresh clean start! 

We were able to be in service with Bro. Troy Fair of Calvary Evangelism Center in Sacramento for New Year's Eve.  Service started at 9 pm and we had some CHURCH and rang in the new year with a little "dancing".  My kids (who are truly preacher's kids!) were wide awake through the whole service and Ella danced and clapped and had such a fun time with some of the young ladies at the end of our row.  She had them all wrapped around her little finger and was playing with their purses, their chapsticks, their lotions and even manged to snag an ATM card and put it in her own purse (temporarily).  That is DEFINITELY *MY* girl.  HA!  Since Ella, was busy socializing (and periodically worshipping), Jon and I were able to hang out together that night--just like "old times".  It was nice.

That night was a celebration for me for another reason as well.  On December 7, 2010, I joined Weight Watchers again for like the 4th or 5th time.  I forget.  I am a lifetime member that has backslid (over and over!) and now I'm ready to BE THIN(ner) again!  :)  Well, that day, I had weighed in (very nervously) and had lost another 5.2 lbs!  WOO!  That is a total of 10.4 lbs since 12/7!  YAY ME!!!  To celebrate (with a NON-FOOD item), I wore heels to church.  Now, I realize that this does not seem like much of a celebration, but for me...it is HUGE.  Ever since having Ella, I have been very leary of wearing heels.  Mainly because my balance was thrown out of whack while carrying her and for about 6 months after she was born and also because when I am that much overweight, I just cannot tolerate heels (enter the "Magic Red Boots"). 
So, here is a pic of me...at some time past 2 am wearing an outfit inspired my friend Chandra from MoMoMod.  You can check out her blog here.

I am super proud of this little ensemble (which I may tweak a bit before I wear again).  The headband and brooch are courtesy of The Mrs Darcy.  The jacket and skirt (used to cover my knees!) were thrifted and the dress was a steal of a deal from Macy's (I only paid $21 for this!).  My kiddos drove me up the wall ALL NIGHT LONG running their hands up and down my leg making the sequins rattle.  HA!!  The tights are old...I think I bought them on sale at Victoria's Secret about 2 years ago.  My shoes are Nine West.  I paid full price for these almost a year ago.  I needed some fancy shmancy heels to wear to my Aunt Sandra's 25th Wedding Anniversay. 

For the future of this blog...I will try my very best to not duplicate things here that I post on Facebook.  I want this blog to be "fresh".  :)  But I had to share my New Year's Outfit with you all! 

So, here's to a New Year filled with Promise and Hope and, of course, Shopping, Coffee and Chocolate.

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