May 12, 2011

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast...

I know...  I KNOW!  Long time no see, right?  Well, I took a "mental health break" for a bit.  No major drama or scandal going on...I just needed some space for a while.  I tend to get myself into a lot of trouble (mentally) by piling stuff on my plate and then I can't handle it all.  Then I crash.  Well...I had a little crash.  Actually, more like a fender bender...still, you know what I mean.  :)

Let's see, what did you all miss?  Honestly, not much.  :|
Weight loss is going good.  Slow, but good.  I am really at the place mentally where I am HAPPY with my weight and weight loss.  I am ok with losing a pound a week or whatever.  I no longer feel that desperate urge/struggle to LOSE WEIGHT.  No, I am not at my goal.  I still have 18 lbs to go...but I FEEL so much better about the whole thing.  I am down to a size 10 and actually wore an 8 yesterday which MADE MY DAY!  I have also started a group on Facebook for all my weight loss pals!  Anyone can join!!
Wearing: Evy's Tree Charcoal Cardigan, Black Tank, Grey Pleated Skirt--Size 8!!
PS:  I really LOATHE bathroom pics.  UGH!!

My $3 Thrift Store find!!!  Rachel Roy Sequin Flats

Mother's Day Memories...  I was wakened by Jon who wanted me to leap out of bed to go check out my presents.  HAHAHAHA!!!  So, after prying my eyelids open, I got up and was surprised to discover that I indeed had presents!  Jon made me a homemade sign that spelled "Jon".  He cut out 3 hearts and the letters J, O, N and glued them onto the hearts.  It was really cute.  He also gave me a coupon book full of coupons.  They all pitched in and got me some perfume, Givenchy's Ange Ou Demon Le Secret and a gorgous Michael Kors watch.  Yes.  I picked them both out.  Well, actually I cut out 8 different things from Macy's catalog and let Trent decide.  Ella picked out the perfume (Trent said it was based on the picture) and Trent selected the most expensive watch...which happened to be priced wrong, so it wasn't all THAT expensive.  WOO HOO!

We drove up to Redding for Mother's Day service and had a great time (as usual) with the Bobo's and Hope Center church.  I totally FAILED to get one pic of me with the kiddos.  Boo me.  I did manage to take a quick shot of them eating lunch on the way there.

 Yes, McD's for lunch totally qualifies me for mom of the year.

In other news:  Ella wore pigtails for the first time last week.  I am really looking forward to her hair being longer when I can experiment with hairstyles and stuff.  Although, I have to is kinda nice being able to put a bow on her head or barrette and being able to go.  I'm kinda a lazy mom like that.  HAHA!  Here is a short video clip showing off her pigtails.  She is calling for Jon, who is outside playing and ignoring her. 

I'd also like to mention that I am going to be featured on Chandra's MoMoMod blog soon.  I am working on pictures for her now.  Really excited and looking forward to the opportunity!


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