May 26, 2011

Somethin' Smells Good!--A Virtual PARTY!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I came home from work tired and exhausted.  However as soon as I opened the door my nostrils were bombarded by the most delicious aroma!  What?!  Could it be?  Could Trent have COOKED something?  Surely not. 

Nope.  He didn't.  He just plugged in my Scentsy Warmer.  Well, that's good enough for me!

Right now I am burning Oats & Honey in my new Margot warmer.  I bought it from my good friend, Alesha who is now a Scentsy consultant.  I actually went to her to buy my mom a Mother's Day present and decided I needed a new warmer and some new scents too.

I bought Mom this Zebra plug-in along with Sunkissed Citrus & Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bars!

Have you tried Scentsy?

I asked Alesha to let me know about her Scentsy experience.

SWRB:  Where did you first experience Scentsy?
Alesha:  I had a Facebook friend who was constantly burning up my News Feed with Scentsy. I had no idea what it was, so when a friend of a friend locally started selling it I booked a party in my home. I loved smelling all the little testers! It was alot of fun picking out my favorite scents and helping my friends decide.

SWRB:  What was your first Scentsy purchase?
Alesha:  I used my hostess rewards to purchase a Roma plug in, 2 scent bars (Cozy Fireside & Cranberry Spice), 2 scent circles for my husbands stinky work van and my car (Clean Breeze & Cinnamon Bear). The great thing is all that only cost me $7 as a hostess!

SWRB:  What made you decide to become an consultant?
Alesha:  I had tried several other companies without any success.  I decided to try one last time. We are so close to being debtfree, but the paid for vehicles in the driveway need to be replaced. Rather than take out a loan, I decided to sell Scentsy and save my commissions for a newer vehicle next year.

SWRB:  If someone is new to Scentsy and doesn't know what to order, what do you suggest?
Alesha:  Everyone has different taste. Pick a warmer that matches your decor or makes you smile. Then, browse the 80 scents available. There's sure to be one you will like! Just don't order Berry Tart. I'm going to be frank and honest:  it smells musty. There are 79 other smells to choose from, so pick one of those!

SWRB:  What are the most popular warmers or sets?
Alesha: Here in the Bible Belt, I sell alot of Charity, which is a full sized warmer, and the most popular plug in would probably be the Zebra you ordered for your mom.  Most people start with a full size warmer system. It comes with a full size warmer & 3 scent bars. Ordering a system saves you a little bit.

SWRB:  What are the most popular scents?
Alesha:  French Lavender, Baked Apple Pie, Enchanted Mist, Clean Breeze, and Sweet Pea & Vanilla. That's my Top Five. The next five would be: Love Story, Vanilla Cream, Luna, Wishing Well, and Cranberry Mango.

SWRB:  What is the best way for someone to start their own Scentsy business?  How do they become a consultant?
Alesha: You need to visit my website and sign up with the company. In all honesty, I tested the waters before I paid the money. I asked friends and family if they would be willing to book a party for me. I actually had about three parties booked before I signed up. My suggestion is to contact me personally when you get ready to sign up so that I can order a set of basket testers to go along with your kit. Basket parties are the easiest thing for most people to do because we are all so busy these days!!

SWRB:  Do you have anything else you'd like to share about Scentsy?
Alesha:  I have so much fun with this company. My very first home party there was an 18 month old girl in attendance with her mom. She was the cutest thing! She would open a tester, smell, and if she liked the scent, she licked the tester! It was the funniest thing! It just goes to show how good these scents really smell!
Scentsy has really been an answer to prayer. I have finally found a product that virtually sells itself, and I have alot of fun doing it. If you are a stay at home mom who needs something to get you out of the house to meet new people, give Scentsy a chance. 
Perfect Scentsy

Such a cutie with his Scentsy Buddy!  Ella will probably get one of these for her Birthday!

I am having my very own VIRTUAL Scentsy Party!  This Virtual Party starts today, May 26 and will be open until June 10.  All my She Wears Red Boots readers will receive a FREE scent circle of their choice once they place an order.  Alesha will contact you after the party ends to find out which scent circle you want!  YAY!  A freebie!  I love freebies!!!

You can shop my Virtual Scentsy Party RIGHT HERE!  

If you would like to contact Alesha directly, you can email her at


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