April 12, 2011

As though I didn't love them enough...

Y'all know Mrs. Perfekt, right?  Well, she stumbled upon the greatest video on Youtube...OF ALL TIME!!!  Wendy of Wendy's Look Book created a video with someone she calls "Mystery Man" (I am assuming this is her hubby!!) about how to tie a scarf...25 different ways!  25!  TWENTY FIVE!!!! 

I love scarves.  LOVE THEM!  I crochet them, I buy them, I wear them...but I wear them the same ol' 2 or 3 different styles all the time which makes loving them...less lovely.  *sigh*

Enter the video that changes all that.  THANK YOU A HUNDRED-FOLD WENDY!!!!  And thank you Mrs. Perfekt for sharing...You are my hero!

So, inspired by Wendy, I decided to give one of her scarf tying styles a try this morning and I literally WOWED myself.  I liked this scarf before...but now, I really really like it!

I went ahead and did a little outfit vlog for you today.  I am totally jazzed about this scarf and really and truly feel like I made an outfit out of the solid colors (black and blue) with this scarf.  I feel WAY more put together and I cannot way to experiment more with scarf tying! 

Wearing:  Gap Black/White Striped Scarf (Thrifted)
Merona Black Elbow Length Sleeve T Shirt (Target)
Cruise Wear Co. Black Open Cardigan (Cruise!)
Kenar Linen A-line Button Down Skirt (Thrifted)
Nine West Denim Embroidered Flats (eBay)
DKNY Pearl Face w/ Black Patent Leather Band Watch (TJ Maxx)


The 2 Minute Up-do
The Scarf--Tied "Rabbit Ear" Style
The Shoesies
The Watch

Do you wear scarves?  After watching Wendy's video...are you going to wear them more?  Do you feel scarves are only appropriate for winter wear?  I used to...not anymore! 
Let me know what you think!



Jayne said...

We need the 2 min up do video!

Alicia Litke said...

Love the 'mom look' you did in the camera when you turned it off. Lol. You need to do the hair video!

Lau's said...

Hi! I just found your blog through MoMoMod and I'm loving your posts!! And yes, please do the 2min up video! Will be following your blog! - Laura http://launoe.blogspot.com/