May 24, 2013

I got my TOMS tagged by this amazing artist...

Trent and I just closed out a revival. And this particular church is FULL of talented young people. Seriously, like more than the average church.

And in particular, this one gal who has this AMAZING talent. Like, really over the top amazing talent. This gal is an artist.

And just ONE of the ways she creates is by "tagging" shoes. And by tagging, I mean making them works of art!!

Well, she and I begin a little convo via text. I gave her random words like: turtles, teal, leopard, subtle, tribal...and she produced THESE:
Hand Painted Turtles with Leopard print on the heels--and they are SIGNED!
Do you see that tiny little turtle in the corner?  Adorable!  

My most perfect pair of TOMS!! And, they just happen to be my first ever pair of canvas TOMS!

I have several glitter TOMS, which are perfect, but not nearly as comfortable as these are!! And now I have a ONE OF A KIND PAIR!!!

Would you love a pair of OOAK TOMS (or any other brand shoe??), this gal can make it happen!! And maybe, you have a special someone whose birthday is coming up?? Or graduation? Anniversary? Father's Day?
Stephanie Barnett--Soon to Be World Renowned Artist

She's fast and very reasonable. Contact Stephanie Barnett via Facebook TODAY! If you want to check out here work...LOOK HERE!  Get in line for your OOAK Tagged TOMS ASAP!!