May 13, 2012


Have you ever had one of those questions where you really needed an answer to it, but knew you'd have to wait until you got to Heaven to ask the Lord personally?

I wasn't even aware that I had no real explanation for them...until this girl came along.

You see, I now know PRECISELY why God made earlobes. It's because this kid really loves them! If she can't get to yours to hold or rub, she will tug on her own. But, she really prefers yours.

I was also shocked to discover just how big my heart was--the day I became mom to my sweet boy. This is what he did for me all by himself for Mother's Day.

And this (long overdue) post could not be complete without me mentioning my amazing mother. She is so creative, witty, emotional, prayerful, generous, hard-working and most importantly a godly Christian lady and I am proud to call her mine. And the apple doesn't far from the tree--as my Grandma is pretty awesome herself!

So thankful and blessed to be a mother. I wouldn't trade this job for anything. I love my little babies!!

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