July 28, 2011

A rose by any other name...

My family and I had our photos taken recently with Urban Rose Photography.  Deanna is not only a talented photgrapher, she is also my friend.  She has this amazing talent of capturing Jon smiling.  I honestly have no idea what kind of spell she has cast on him...but she is the only person he will smile (naturally) for.  YAY DEANNA!!!!!!  You are AWESOME!!

My favorite part about this session is how relaxed and casual we are.  This is the "real" us.  Okay, so we are not really "beach people"...except Ella, but we don't always look perfect, have perfect hair/clothes...and yeah, sometimes our feet get dirty.  I really love how natural we are in these photos.  Thanks Deanna for shooting the Gilliams "as is" and making us look so great!  (and skinny!)

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Here are a couple of sneak peaks of our last session:

c/o Urban Rose Photography
I am having this made into an 11x14 canvas.  Aren't we STUNNING?
Thank you Urban Rose Photography!



Queen Esther said...

Love the pics!

Kelley said...

Stunning, indeed. Your photographer did a great job with a gorgeous family... AND handsome. Wow! Spectacular!

inhistime said...

Love these!
My favorite...all of you sitting on sand. ♥

P.S. I would love to see some pics of you with your hair down. ;-) Maybe some romantic anniversary pics or something. :-)