March 30, 2011

She Vlogs...

Yesterday, I did something scary. And doing scary stuff...makes me brave. I can't explain WHY, it just does. I think it's the adrenaline rush or something....

So, because I was feeling so brave, I decided (after much hesitation/anxiety/fear/insecurity) to do a vlog. Actually, I got the inspiration from a couple bloggers I follow. Chandra of MoMoMod did her very first vlog and another blogger Jill of jillggs good life (for less) | good life for less did one as well. So, I thought, why not ME TOO?!

I also really needed to brag a see, I have lost 25 pounds!!! You can compare my before photo over there <===== That photo was taken on Dec. 4, 2010. I started Weight Watchers on Dec. 7, 2010.

*Disclaimer* I do not consider myself a fashion all. I do love fashion, and I love shopping and finding great deals, but I only accidentally look "ok" on occasion.

Why did I choose THIS outfit to vlog? Well, it just kind of happened that way. I recently purchased the cardigan from ModCloth and decided to wear it yesterday. It was one of those days where I just wanted to put on clothes and get out the door. Well, when I went to get tights...these purple tights just jumped out at me. No, tights/sock drawer is so full, that these literally JUMPED out at me. So, I, let's see how these work. And well...I think they worked well! I happened to have a matching headband with a bow on it and wonder of all wonders...I had created an "outfit". *cue hallelujah chorus and cherubs circling my head*

Will I do future vlogs? Maybe. It was fun...but very nerve racking...I almost chickened out. Let me know what you think. PS: I know the sound is bleh and the lighting is meh. I will do better next time. If there is a next time. Promise. Cross my heart.

Turn your sound WAY UP!  :)

Videographer: Jon the Magnificent...standing on a chair, hence no close-ups. 

Totally love the Instagram app for my iPhone...

So, what did you think of my Debut Vlog? 
Comments or Suggestions?  Leave a comment below!


March 29, 2011

Two really BIG DEALS...

First of all, I am so excited to announce the Giveaway from Perfekt Fashion Sense!!  She is giving away a Coach Cosmetic Bag!  YAY!  Sandy is a long time friend of mine and I am very excited about her blog!  I posted about her here.  Quick, go follow her blog and like her on Facebook!

Secondly, I am planning on attempting something new and exciting for tomorrow's blog.  EEK!  It scares me a little...and yet I am so excited!  Keep your fingers crossed!  Dont'cha just love a mystery???


March 28, 2011

Get Twisted!

And we have WINNERS!!!!!!  I had a total of 15 entries for this giveaway and decided to give away two sets of hairpins along with other prizes!!!

Each winner will receive this:
Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin Color: Blonde or Brunette
and this:
and this:
Carmex Lip Balm Stick, SPF 15, Strawberry
and this:
Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip - 10/15 Stick Packs

Here's how I figured winners:  I took all the entries from the blog and from the daily Facebook posts and put them in order by date/time, then numbered them, then went to and selected two numbers...

And those numbers were #5 and #10

Stephanie Littlejohn and Amy Miraflor!  YAY!!!  Congrats!  You won all 4 of these goodies!  I will contact you shortly for your addresses and send them out right away!



March 25, 2011

What's for lunch, John?

Quick!  Flashback from my school days...

My parents used to listen to (probably still do) this radio station every morning.  KRMG in Tulsa.  The announcer's name was John.  And every morning at a certain time he had this little jingle where a group of kids said "What's for lunch, John?" and then he'd read the school menus for the area schools.  Totally cool.

Anyway...that's where the title came from...

The inspiration for this blog post came from all my Weight Watcher friends...  I have been asked by several people: "What do you eat?"  And I tell them...and I doubt it makes any of them very hungry....because I pretty much eat the same thing every single day.

But...I have lost almost 23 lbs since Dec., I am doing something right! 

If you haven't heard about the new Points Plus Program, and you are interested in dieting, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out.  You can attend a meeting with a friend (FREE) or check it out online.

Anyway for those of you who care and/or are curious....  Here's the skinny on how I'm working my way to skinny.  I am posting this past week's meals and point values.  I get 29 daily points and 49 weekly points.

Breakfast:  McDonald's Egg McMuffin (no cheese) 6 pts, Large Coffee 3 creams 3 pts (Total 9pts)

Lunch:  McDonald's Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken & 1/2 Ranch packet 8 pts, Water (Total 8 pts)

Snack:  Starbucks Caramal Macciato Ice Cream 1/4 C 3 pts

Dinner:  Two slices Hawaiian pizza from Pizza My Heart 14 pts, Diet Caffeine Free Coke 0 pts (Total 14 pts)

Snack:  Homemade cupcake 4 pts

Total:  38 pts (This was a BIG point day for me...not typical)

Breakfast:  1/2 Sesame Bagel w/ 1 Tbsp of Reduced Fat Cream Cheese 5 pts, Non fat Latte 4 pts (Total 9 pts)

Lunch:  2 Soft Spicy Chicken Tacos from Taco Bell 9 pts, Iced Tea (unsweet) 0 pts (Total 9 pts)

Dinner:  3 oz Chicken (baked) 3 pts, Mac N Cheese 1/2 C 5 pts, Corn 1/2 C 2 pts (Total 10 pts)

Total: 28 pts (I rarely go under my daily points allowance)

Breakfast:  1/2 Plain Bagel w/ 1 Tbsp Reduced Fat Cream Cheese & Egg 7 pts, Coffee w/ 2 Creams 2 pts (Total 9 pts)

Lunch: 3/4 Quizno's Turkey Club Bullet & 1/2 C of Chicken Noodle Soup 7 pts, Iced Tea (unsweet) 0 pts (Total 7 pts)

Snack:  3 C Light Popcorn 3 pts

Dinner:  Chipotle Chicken bowl.  I use 1/2 the rice and bean serving and did not get cheese w/ Tbsp of Guac 9 pts, Iced Tea (unsweet) 0 pts (Total 9 pts)

Snack: 1/2 Twix Truffle 2 pts

Total 30 pts

Breakfast: Plain Bagel Thins w/ 2 Tbsp Reduced Fat Cream Cheese and Egg 7 pts, Coffee w/ 2 Creams 2 pts (Total 9 pts)

Mid-day snack: (weird schedule)  1/2 Chocolate Chip Bagel 4 pts

Lunch: 3/4 McDonald's Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Balsamic Dressing 6 pts, Water (Total 6 pts)

Snack: Light Popcorn 3 pts

Dinner:  (ugh, I am so lazy...and ashamed) Mac N Cheese 3/4 C 8 pts

Snack: Homemade cupcake (my son cannot eat them fast enough!!) 4 pts

Total: 34 pts  (Really heavy carb day!  Bleh.  My stomach felt like I ate a large rock.)

Breakfast:  1 Slice Wheat Toast w/ 1 Tbsp Reduced Fat Cream Cheese & Egg 5 pts, Coffee w/ 2 Creams 2 pts (Total 7 pts)

Lunch:  2 Chicken Soft Tacos from Taco Bell 9 pts, Small Diet Pepsi 0 pts (Total 9 pts)

Dinner is TBD, but I am thinking it is raining and cold and I am going to order pizza.  We get Domino's (bleh!!!) and I always order a Medium Hawaiian Thin Crust for me and eat about 1/4 of it.  It's about 14 pts, give or take...

Overall, this is a very carb heavy week for me.  I normally really eat way more veggies than this and more fruit.  Oh well.  There is always next week.

I weigh in tomorrow...I'll let you know how that goes.  Maybe....if I lost.  :)

March 22, 2011

I am SPIRALING out of Control!!! Giveaway starts TODAY!

Everyone once in a while a person, place or thing enters into our lives...and we are forever changed.

A little over 6 months ago...I was introduced to a product that has changed my life...dramatically.  I can't even remember WHO introduced me to them...but ever since then, fixing this huge ol' mess of hair has become significantly easier.  :)

If I were to guess where I first heard about these hairpins, I would have to say it was from Secret Life of a Bio Nerd.  She is this really talented and crafty gal that does all kinds of tutorials on Youtube.  She even did a video on how to use the spiral pins.  I plan on doing my own Youtube video on how I use these pins...sometime before I die.  

You can purchase these pins online at Amazon or try your local Walmart, Target, or any other drugstore. 


You could WIN A PAIR from She Wears Red Boots!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!  My very first giveaway!!!!

Here's how you can win:

1.  Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment below.
2.  Invite your friends to follow this blog and leave a comment below.
3.  Post about this blog on your Facebook wall and leave a comment below.
4.  Tweet about this blog on your Twitter feed and leave a comment below.
5.  Share this blog on your own blog (please leave a link) and leave a comment below.

Each entry can be done ONCE per day EVERY day for the rest of the week.  The winner will be announced via blog (and my personal Facebook page) on Monday, March 28th.  Winners will be selected via

The best part...depending on the number of entries, I will select up to 3 winners for this prize!

Ready, set, GO!!!!!!!


March 21, 2011

...she said, rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

Happy Monday!  Happy Second Day of Spring!  Happy I am back from the land of the forgotten!

Ugh.  I spent the last week feeling very very unlike myself.  Sluggish, lazy, tired, depressed, sad, cranky, mean and nasty.  See... VERY unlike myself. 

I could blame it on a lot of things. But I think it's just that time of the year.  Winter blues hit me kinda late.  I have SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) and I forget about it EVERY single year, until I am so far into the funk that I can't do anything about it but just ride it out.  Actually, having only felt this way about a week...that's pretty good for me.  Maybe I am getting better as I get older???  HA!

Let's see....I should recap.  We made it back safely from the cruise. (Obviously).  It was fun.  Actually, quite enjoyable!  We took the same trip last year and I was a bit worried that we would be bored.  But this year, we did a few different things...and had some new friends to hang out with (along with a few old ones we love dearly!).

I promise to post a blog about that trip soon.  The pictures are still being held hostage on my camera in the bottom of my purse.  Negotiations are in the process as we speak...  Let's all think positively. 

Today, I wanna talk about being sick.  YAY!

Okay, not so "YAY!", but it happens to all of us.  At least ONCE in our lives.  I feel like I am lucky to only get "really sick" a few times a year.  In fact, I get "so deathly ill" so few times that I can recall (vividly) each time in a matter of seconds.  I am not sure if that is because I have such a great immune system or I am kinda paranoid about germs and stuff. any case, I am very rarely REALLY sick.  Oh sure, I get headcolds and headaches and fevers and whatnot...but nothing that keeps me slammed into the couch for an entire weekend. 

Ah yes...last Friday, I came home from work and put on my trusty fuzzy PJs.  What?  You don't have fuzzy PJs?  Well, you should get some!  What if you get sick!?!? What will you wear???  Anyway...

I put them on Friday and didn't take them off again until this morning.  Okay, I am not proud of that...but it's the truth, nonetheless. 

And you can only guess how horrific I looked this morning.  Whew.  I probably smelled just as bad, but since my nose is still not working, I can't be sure about that.  My face.  Egads.  It was a wreck.  Blackouts and scaly and blotchy and disgusting!  But, I only panicked for like a nanosecond.  Because... Duh duh duh duh!!!!! (that's superhero theme music, in case you couldn't tell), I had the MIRACLE cure for that sitting on my counter.

And I owe it all to Mrs. Perfekt.  Mrs. Perfekt is actually one of my BFFs from High School.  Sandy and I have a LOT of memories together.  I mean a LOT!!!!  And a few secrets too (ssssh!  Sandy, don't tell about that one know!)  She started a blog about fashion...but it morphed into something even better.  It's about all the great stuff she knows about.  In my opinion, she is the expert on EVERYTHING.  I remember asking her advice/opinion on nearly everything I did, wore, ate or bought when we were in high school.  And years later, we reunited via Facebook (oh, how I love Facebook!!!!) and we have fallen right back into our prospective roles.  Her: the advice the advice seeker. 

She wrote a blog about the one product she would never want to be without and, well...since she knows it all and is perfekt...I had to try it.  And she is (as usual...) SO RIGHT!!!!!

She recommended Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.  Wow.  First of all, he totally needs to change his name...because "Gross" is just...well, gross.  Maybe, he could be Dr. Dennis Grass?  Or Dr. Dennis Gress?  Sheesh...

Anyway, this is the one product she can't live without...and now...the one thing I will never be without as well.

This product saved me from looking as haggard and unkempt as I really am was this weekend.  I took 5 minutes and did this little acid peel and I now look radiant and fresh!  My skin looks hydrated and GLOWING.  Yes, I said glowing.  Truly, the ONE product that is worth every single penny you spend on it.  And although not, outrageously expensive (certainly cheaper than having a chemical peel done at the dermatologist), it is a bargain if it can make me look this good in only 5 minutes.

Wow.  I am brave.  Sick for over 48 hours, and I didn't do a thing to my hair this a.m.  This is the raw, if you will.  I don't look that bad at all, huh?  If you said yes...well, I appreciate your honesty but there is nothing wrong with lying to someone if it will keep them from punching you in the face.  HAHA!  Kidding!!!  I am only kidding.  Kinda.

PS:  I bought this "infinity loop" scarf while on the cruise.  I found it in this adorable shop in Ensenada, Mexico, for $10. 

Now, go find Mrs. Perfekt and ask her what she thinks about ANYTHING.  I promise, she will totally have an opinion...and she will be right. 


March 4, 2011

The jacket that needs it's own spotlight...

Last night, Trent and I went to church to meet my brother and his family.  They flew in from Oklahoma and we drove 2 hours just to see their beautiful faces.  Aaahhh....I love my family!!!

Since it was a RARE opportunity for Trent and I to sit TOGETHER at church, I could not resist snapping a pic of our feet.  Because it's cheezy and kinda romantic all at the same time. 

Similar Shoe Here and if you want to copy Trent's will have to drop a concrete block on your foot.

I was so thrilled to see my baby brother and my sister in law and my crazy adorable niece, Alex.  I really LOVE my family. 

This was taken at 1:30 am.  We were exhausted BUT SO HAPPY to be together! 

I'm wearing my "disco ball" jacket from Gap (I got it on super duper sale for $32!!!) and a Ralph Lauren Silk Bow Tie Blouse ($10 Marshall's).

Sorry for the poor lighting... Jon took this shot for us.  And it looks like my brother (far right) was trying to fall asleep.  Well..we WERE really tired. 

Have an amazing weekend!  My  mom will be here in about an hour.  I am gonna squeeze the daylights out of her!  She and my mother in law are coming in to watch the kiddos while Trent and I go on a Home Missions Cruise.  I hope to have some great things to post some time after next week when I get back.

PS:  This shot is me minus 21.6 lbs!  Compare to my profile pic on the left.  I look good, huh?  Well, I can't resist tooting my own horn.  I have worked and tracked very hard to achieve this.  HAPPY GIRL!  And a long way to go.

The munchkins...Jon Thomas, Ella Holidae and Alex.  Again, it was 1:30 am.  Jon and Alex had been in Sunday School and then a bounce house and Ella was in Nursery.  She is the only one that got a power nap.

So, what do you think of the "Disco Ball" Jacket?  I am crazy in love with it.  It is SOOO me. 

March 3, 2011

What is in your paper cup?

I need to talk about this.

It's a burning issue.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  I totally crack myself up sometimes.  And yes, I really should get out more.

Coffee.  It's what's for breakfast.  And most of us have it for lunch and dinner and then before we go to bed.   And it is quite obvious that in general, America is obsessed with it.  But WHY?!

Well, I can only tell you about ME...I love coffee because of the flavor.  Not the caffeine high.  I have consumed enough that I am immune.  I mean, isn't that what all addicts say?  Caffeine is a drug.  And one most of us need on a daily basis.  And there are a few of us that need a "hit" several times a day.

So, how do you take your coffee?  Do you add cream?  Sugar?  Sweetner?  Do you drink it black? 

I like mine with a bit of cream, no sugar.  I like the bold, rich flavor of coffee and only add cream to take a bit of the heat off.  The truth is...I'm a guzzler.  There is a perfect temp I have to have to drink my coffee...and once it's at that temp, I swig it down like it's going to run away from me.

I am sure you'd be surprised if I didn't include some of my favorite coffee places...and since I don't want to shock anyone into cardiac arrest...I will share...  Calm down...and maybe try switching to half-caff.  ;)

First, let's talk plain coffee...not lattes or frou-frou coffee.

My #1 choice for coffee is my Keurig at home.  I bought my Keurig as a house warming present to myself.  Aren't I thoughtful?  I have tried about a dozen different flavors and my favorite is the Gloria Jeans Hazelnut.  I use Fat Free French Vanilla creamer and it is the perfect medium brew.  My least favorite is the Gloria Jeans Cappucino.  Bleh.  It takes like leather or something else really not pleasant in a mug. 

Think a Keurig is too pricey?  Shop around!!!!!!!  A lot of stores are carrying them these days and you can save moolah by getting a slightly older model or less fancy one.  Honestly, I can't predict what time I am going to get up consistently enough to NEED a coffee maker with a timer set to go off at 7:04 am.

My #1 choice for Fast Food Coffee is good ol' McDonalds.  Yep.  It's the most consistent brew has a nice medium to bold flavor.  Right now McDs is serving their coffee (any size!) for $1.  I get the large with 3 creams put in and call it good. 

And now on to "the good stuff".  I know what you are thinking...  "She's gonna say Starbucks!!!"  Well, you are wrong.  Starbucks is only "good" because it's convenient and that is the cold hard truth.

My #1 choice for regular fat free lattes is Panera Bread.  I know.  Bizarre, right???  It shocked me too.  I discovered it by mistake.  I buy bagels for my office once a week, every week.  And I decided to join My Panera and get freebies.  Well, the first 2 freebies I got were Smoothies or Coffees.  Not being a smoothie kinda girl, I opted for a fat free latte.  The flavor that exploded in my mouth nearly brought tears to my eyes...and not because it was too hot...but because it was the best latte I've ever experienced--hands down.  A lighter roast with a slight touch of cinammon.  Good grief.  Perfection in a paper cup.  Trust me. 

My #2 choice would be this little coffee shop in Campbell, CA called Coffee Society.  The first time I went there, I tried a "fix me your favorite drink" and the barista must be psychic, because she NAILED it for me.  A fat free hazelnut white mocha.  She even made the foam into a cute little design.  *swoon*  I am such a sucker for the details.  The bad news is...I don't get over to that side of town enough to enjoy it regularly.

My #3 choice waffles back and forth between Starbucks and Peet's.  I have had ONE Peet's latte in my life that was worth spending money on...and it was SO good it was just shy of being as awesome at the Panera latte.  Peet's has a bold and robust flavor that is just a smidge oily.  Starbucks (which I have consumed more of), is a more bold flavor and is consistent to a certain degree.  About 60% of the time their lattes taste burnt.  And for this...I am thankful.  No's what keeps me in check about consuming too many of them.  I mean, if I really need a coffee/caffeine fix, I know I can go about 1/2 a block and get a latte and I know it's going to be ok.  Not fabulous, but ok.

As far as frou-frou drinks, my favorite (more conistently GOOD) drink is Starbucks fat free hazelnut white mocha....but they are ridiculous if you consider their point values.

Which brings me to one final point about coffee.  Waste of fat/calories or what?

For a ZERO point coffee:  Have it black w/ sweetener.  Bleh.
For a 1 point coffee:  Have it black with ONE creamer.  Meh.  Not bad.
For a 2 point latte:  Have a tall fat free (with or without sugar free syrup) latte.  Yay!
For a 3 point latte:  Have a grande fat free (with or without sugar free syrup) latte.  Yay!
For a 10 point latte:  Have a grande fat free hazelnut white mocha.  Yum but boo the points!  Not worth it!

So, what is in your paper cup???


March 1, 2011

The Story of the Chambray Shirt

I am a devoted follower of Clothed Much.  I love her style, her personality and the fact that she dresses modestly.

She often (but not ridiculously so) wears a denim/chambray shirt.  I love this look on her and wanted to recreate it, but I did not own a denim/chambray shirt.  No problem.  I also love to shop.

Immediately, I went online.  Actually, I went to the Macy's app on my phone.  I usually always look online to kind of give me an idea about the price range of a particular item.

I first stumbled on this top. 
This is Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Shirt.  Retail $34.99 

I figured I could do a bit better on the price, considering it's just a plain jane denim shirt.

So, I went to Target app on my phone and found this:

This is Merona brand for $19.99.  Not too bad.  Certainly a reasonable price for a "staple" wardrobe item, right?

Well...I figured I could easily get this shirt for like $5 if I thrifted it.  So, I began the hunt.  And searched and searched and searched.  Several different thrifts and over the course of several different days with NO LUCK. 

So, it was back to the drawing board for me...because although $19.99 isn't a bad price, I am not totally in love with this wash...and I will have to pay shipping. 

So, I check Walmart using good ol' Internet Explorer.  The Walmart app is horrific, in my not so humble opinion...

Anyway, lo and behold, there is a denim/chambray shirt for $8.00 with $.97 shipping online at Walmart!!  WOOT!  I have certainly found the BEST DEAL EVER!!!!  It is very similar to the Target shirt...but for only $8 and the cheapola shipping...  Well, how can I go wrong?!?!

But I did.

I ordered a large.  Walmart's large runs like a 12/14.  Which has been my size for what feels like most of my adult life.  So, I figured I was safe buying a large.  I get it in, try it on and it's HUGE.  Like really no way I can make it work huge.  I am devasted.

So, the search continued.  And I happened to be in a SuperCenter Walmart like a week or so later and they had denim/chambray shirts on clearance for $9.  There, amongst the masses of deeply discounted clothing was ONE dark wash denim shirt.  Size large.  And without trying it on and only eye-balling it...thinking it looked more fitted than the previous size large I had bought (same name brand, Faded Glory), I bought it.  And it's too big. 

At this point, I am just plain mad at myself.  I have spent about $20+ and STILL do not have a shirt I can wear.

And I have hastily removed the tags AND lost the receipts.  I know...major moronic moves.  *insert eyeroll at myself here*  I am now stuck with not ONE, but TWO shirts that are too big (not a bad problem...but still, a problem) and I am even more determined than ever to find one.

And I think I did.

Last Sunday, in between church services, we stopped at the Folsum Outlets and I ran into the Gap Outlet and found it.  Hanging right there as soon as I walked in the door.  THE SHIRT!  Perfect color, not just one I will tolerate and it was 60% off!  WOOOOOOT!  I got my perfect shirt for $16 and and two not so perfect ones for an additional $20+!  *insert uncontrollable sobbing here*

Similar shirt at

Here are the lessons I learned: 

1.  Sometimes, it is not only CHEAPER and faster to buy the first thing you is also better for your sanity.

2.  I am no longer a size Large.  Which is one of the most thrilling things I have been able to post about, thus far.  WOOOT!  Go me!!!