February 22, 2011

Evy's Tree Charcoal Black Cardigan and Giveaway Info

Evy's Tree is previewing more of her Spring line!

I want this Charcoal Black Cardigan SOOO DESPERATELY!!!

You can follow her blog to find out how YOU can win one or purchase your own!

February 11, 2011

What's that smell?

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy, crazy, kinda fun in a weird way, yet emotionally draining day for me.

The day started normal enough...

I hit snooze like 1/2 a dozen times and finally dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and got Jon ready to took him to school.  Dropped him off, while dodging the other parents (who are really horrible drivers!!!), and made it to work to sit in my seat for a few minutes before I had to leave to go get Trent and take him to the doctor. 

Got back home, got Ella dressed, got to the doc and she referred us to the specialist and prescribed different meds for Trent along with a medicine for nausea.  Called the specialist and she is able to see him the same day...but really needed to see the X-rays they took in the ER.  Called the hospital and asked to have the X-rays prepared for me to pick up.  Drove to hospital, and got the X-rays...and on my way back to the car I made a little pit stop.  And that's when it happened.

I don't know what it is about the bathroom in general, but it seems like the best place to have a breakdown and well...hospital bathrooms are no exception.  But this wasn't a breakdown because of all the running around or stress and worry.  No...this was a "I am having flashbacks" breakdown.  A year and 2 months ago, I was in the same hospital.  I was 36 or 37 weeks pregnant and had been admitted through the ER for pancreatitus.  After having been in the hospital for several days, I started having severe kidney pain.  They thought I had kidney stones and took me to have an ultrasound.  Turned out I have two ducts leading from my kidney.  One that twists and causes pain and one that works perfectly fine.  Anyway...it was the SMELL of that bathroom (located in the exact same hallway I visited 14+ months prior) that took me back and stopped me dead in my tracks.  I felt panicky.  Scared.  Sick.  Alone.  I remembered vividly the FEELINGS that I had at that time and I just collapsed a little on the inside.

I got back out to the car and had to take a couple seconds to compose myself.  And then I told Trent about what happened.  I don't know if he understood or not...but it was nice to have someone to spill it to right away because otherwise I'd probably still be in the bed today.  I am a pretty emotional gal...but this was just a little too much for me to handle.  I am so thankful Trent was with me at that point.  He said that a lot of soldiers have the same feelings when they come back from war (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Well...now I know what it feels like.  Go hug a soldier, RIGHT NOW. 

So, we left there and headed back towards my office so I could finish a report that needed to get out.  Then we went and picked up Jon from school.

After that we finally got to the specialist.  And waited for what seemed like a millennium.  And when she finally called Trent back, my precious angelic children went absolutely INSANE.  I have no idea what happened to them, but I told Trent when we left that I can never ever go back there...and he asked:  "Where they that bad?"  Yes.  They were.  Ok...they weren't destroying anything...they were playing, but it was a small waiting room and it seemed to echo at every sound and my kids laughter and screaming and foot tromping was sending my nerves over the edge!  AAAHHHH!!!!!

Anyway, the specialist gave Trent this gnarly boot like thing to wear.  He can walk with or without crutches now and is already noticing more flexibility in his foot.  I think this is the turning point for him with this injury. He has more mobility while it is healing and I think it is helping with the pain some too. 

So...what about this could possibly make me happy?  It makes me happy that I am alive to tell the tale.  And to be annoyed by my children's untimely, wild, and unbridled joy...  In fact, later that night we "celebrated" with a pizza party at the house and even though I have been a total crab apple since Monday (because it is just how I handle stress)...I am truly, truly thankful.  And happy.

February 9, 2011

Oh dear. Must HAVE these...

And they will come in Black next month.  *squeal*

Check out Evy's Tree Store or Follow her blog to find out how you can WIN one.

I am delirious with excitement over these.  Really.  Truly.


"I am not a label snob", she says as she sets down her leopard Coach bag.

But there ARE certain things that are worth spending a little extra money on.  And I know you are all thinking the exact same thing that I am thinking....  Ketchup.

I can eat/drink/wear/drive/ anything that doesn't have a name brand...but the ONE thing on this planet that I do not buy the generic brand is ketchup.  Okay...there are a few other things that I just can't tolerate in their generic brands...but at the top of the list, is ketchup.  Ketchup is the redneck gravy that makes any meal...just a little better. 

So, what is my favorite "name brand" ketchup?  Heinz, of course. 
Tomato Ketchup
© 2010 H.J. Heinz Co., L.P.

Sugar bumps is just now discovering her love of ketchup.  She kinda goes a little spastic when we pull this little bottle out of the fridge or off the table.  She squeals in delight and well...I admit, I have the same reaction to ketchup.  Ok, not really.  I contain my delight, but it is so awesome to see her little pudgy cheeks grin to exponential proportions just over ketchup!!

Ella Holidae very matter of factly...having some ketchup.

February 8, 2011

The later post I promised....

I am posting this from my phone laying in bed about to pass out from exhaustion.

Just spent the last 3+ hrs at the ER with my Pookie.

He gets the brilliant idea to buy concrete blocks for the back jacks of our trailer tonight. So, we hot-foot it over to Home Depot and grab a couple. Then, we took a quick little lap through the mall (located in the same parking lot of Home Depot--how convenient!!!). And finally we decided the night would not be complete without a trip to Wal-Mart. Boy, do I feel the redneck oozing out of me...

So, we grab some things. After waiting in the longest line ever, we head back to the car to load our haul and Trent went to the back of my Expedition and opened the back door and WHAM!!! One of those concrete blocks fell out on top of his foot. Well all the jumping around and flailing was kinda funny, but it took like 2 seconds to realize that he was seriously hurt.

He limped to the car and sat in the drivers seat and after I got everything put in the car and kids loaded, I asked to look at it. Wow. Wish I had not.

It was probably 4 or 5 times it's normal size in the one spot and looked like someone had shoved a tennis ball under the skin. I told him we were going to the ER right then.

ER visits are rarely pleasant, and so far we have been lucky and have only had to go a few times. Here's a tip: If you want faster service, make sure you are pregnant or have eaten a poisonous plant.

So, after we finally get back, they eventually give him a tetnus shot and take X-rays. Miraculously, there were no broken bones. Although, they did say that there may be possible hairline fractures. They put a splint on him, gave him some crutches, a prescription for Vicodin and told us to follow up in 2 days.

This was the only photo I was able to get. This was about 2 hrs after the accident.

Oh! Another tip: If you do plan on going to the ER and are not pregnant or have eaten something poisonous, do not plan your trip on Sunday or Monday. We were told this is the ER's busiest days.

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February 7, 2011

Evy's Tree Giveaway ends tonight!

Today is the last day to enter for the Evy's Tree Giveaway!  I hope I win!!!

PS:  A "real" blog post coming later today...  Promise.  ;) 

February 5, 2011

Evy's Tree Giveaway continues over the weekend!

I won't have a chance to blog tomorrow...so thought I'd share one more time about the Evy's Tree Giveaway!

Follow Evy's Tree on Facebook and blog about the giveaway on your own blog to WIN!

February 3, 2011

Evy's Tree and Mrs. Darcy Giveaways!

Amy of Evy's Tree is previewing even more of her Spring Line today.  This is a darling new Brilla she has created!  Love the blue!!  You can WIN one of these fab hoodies on Facebook or by blogging about Evy's Tree  on your own blog!  This Giveway will be running over the weekend and you can enter EVERY DAY for more chances to win!

Mrs. Darcy was featured on A Few of My Favorite Things blog and she is also hosting a Giveaway!  Check out this beautiful headband by Mrs. Darcy and enter for your chance to win!

February 2, 2011

More Evy's Tree Spring Collection & Lil Blue Boo

Amy of Evy's Tree has colloborated with another designer:  Lil Blue Boo to create THESE:

Ashley of Lil Blue Boo hand screen prints her material!  It is FABULOUS! 

I am really feeling the BLUE color this year for spring!  Navy has always been a nice "transistion" color in my opinion to go from Winter to Spring without sacrificing those dark flattering colors.  HA!!

I am blogging about this new line from Evy's Tree for a chance to WIN one of these fabulous new pieces!  You can win too!  Follow Evy's Tree on Facebook here and leave a comment (see her page for details) OR Blog about the new line on your own blog and leave a comment on Evy's Tree Blog.


February 1, 2011

I cannot wait for SPRING!

The creator of Evy's Tree is at it again.  Oh My Goodness Gracious!!!!  Such a talented little lady.  I kid you not...she oozes talent. 

Check out these LOVELY colors she has lined up for her Spring Collection:

This is the Lacey Tee.  You see that blue color?  Just under the turquoise one??  I think I will TOTALLY have to have that.  *sigh*

And...you can WIN one of these or possibly another creation ALL THIS WEEK!!!!  Go here to find out how YOU can WIN (yippeeeeee!!!!) an Evy's Tree creation of your very own!

Follow Evy's Tree on Facebook here for more chances to win!