December 23, 2013


This isn't really the right platform for this, but I am not sure how to get this out there.

I want to thank all of you (pastors and saints) that have thought of OTHERS this holiday season.  You have been a blessing to someone you knew, or perhaps a stranger and while you may feel like it went unnoticed or unappreciated, know that for this OTHER, it has made a tremendous difference.

Maybe you are someone who does things anonymously, you don't need or want the public appreciation--I get that.  Maybe you did something nice for someone and there is NO WAY you will ever get a thank you for it, but don't let either of those things stop you from thinking of OTHERS.

I am an "other".  My family are "others".  And you have thought of us.  You have blessed us!

Thank you for your friendship, your support and LOVE.  Thank you for putting OTHERS on your Christmas list, on your prayer list and yes, even your friends list.

One of my personal goals or resolutions for 2014 is to think of OTHERS more.  I want to be a blessing to more people this year than ever have.  I want to think of OTHERS the way you have thought of me/us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!  May this season be filled with love and happiness!  And may you always continue to think of others.   Thank you for inspiring me!!


An other


December 17, 2013

The Road to Jesus

A person's Christian walk is often referred to as a journey or path.  And our ultimate destination is heaven.  We all want to go.  We are all marching toward that great reward.

Although there is a promise of heaven, there was also a promise of a Messiah.  Many people came from far and near to see this little baby that was born to save us. How could this be?  Really, a Messiah that is wrapped in swaddling clothes?  This, they had to see!

The wise men took one of the most famous journeys to Jesus. Their efforts are somewhat documented in the pages of history, but I sincerely doubt the real truth was published.

If their road trip is anything like our road trips, they stopped every one and a half hours so someone could "potty".  Chances are the mommas along the journey ran out of entertainment for the kids about 30 minutes into the trip and all the snacks she had so carefully packed were devoured by the time they had crossed the first state line.

Considering the fact that their "vehicle" was an animal, I am sure there were emergency stops for refueling, "tire changes" and possibly even a complete break down depending on the conditions of the travel and the roads.

Ironically, our journey to Jesus is much the same way.  A never ending "road trip" to the one who not only created this earth we traverse, but waits patiently as we run this race.  We have hang ups.  Mistakes.  Struggles.  Potholes of life that seem to veer us off the path.  We don't intend to stop and stay so long at that travel station, but they had a mini-mall inside!!!

The road to Jesus is not always smooth.  Sometimes we go through things that do not make sense.  Snow storms in the middle of the desert?  Yes.  In the smack middle of the desert, we have had to pull over to wait out a blizzard.  That doesn't make sense.  We did not not want our journey to be delayed, but it was.  The very next morning, we got up and continued along the way.  You can't let a little storm keep you stuck on the side of the road.  You MUST get back on the road and keep moving!

Another interesting thing about the wise men's journey to Jesus was that when they left, they went a different way.  After witnessing this miracle, they were changed.  They didn't want to travel down that same road again.  They forged a new path. A better path.

As you celebrate this season and think on Him, and while you walk this road, remember that it is OK to have car trouble, but make sure you get it into the station to be looked out.  Don't forget to fill up your tank when you are running low and make sure you keep traveling until you reach your destination.

Wishing you all a Merry and Miraculous Christmas Season!

December 5, 2013

Star of Wonder--Christmas Album Giveaway!!

There is this girl I know…

Actually, she is one of three sisters that I claim (whether they like it or not) and boy oh boy is she a talented gal!

I knew she could sing.  I knew she could sing really well…but when I heard her latest Christmas album, I actually got CHILLS.  

So, I wanted to share the love and the spirit of this season by doing a GIVEAWAY!  Yes, you, my dear reader can WIN your very own copy of this album!

First, I'd like to introduce you to the soloist…my amazing and talented sister/friend, Denice:
All Photography courtesy of Deanna Rose Photography

Denice, thanks for agreeing to this interview!  I am so excited for you and PROUD!  

SWRB: What's your favorite style of music?
DL: I have a few favorite styles: I love gospel, jazz, and classical. I like a few other styles, but those would be my favorites.

SWRB: Who was/is your biggest musical influence?
DL: I don't have one in particular. I try to learn techniques from many, many different artists. Female artists inspire me vocally, male artists usually inspire me musically.

SWRB: How long have you been singing?
DL: Pretty much my entire life, since I was probably about 4 or 5 years old as far as I can remember. Any earlier than that would have to be verified by my parents. 

SWRB: What musical instruments do you play?
DL: Just the piano. And the recorder. I'm awesome on the recorder. I'd LOVE to learn how to play violin and flute.

SWRB: Is there an instrument you would love to learn how to play?
DL: Yes! Violin and flute. ;) Cello would be pretty cool, too. And guitar, acoustic and electric. And bass. Lofty goals, I know...

SWRB: Have you always dreamed of recording?
DL: Yes, probably since I was a teenager. Don't know why I didn't try to make it happen sooner, but timing is everything -- guess it just finally got to be the right time!

SWRB: What's your favorite part of recording this album?
DL: The actual recording of it -- studio time is so much fun! I also LOVED hearing how the music turned out before we started recording vocals. I have an amazing producer at Flyway Records who is exceptionally musically talented. Justin Hogue is crazy brilliant at arranging songs. Hearing what he did with these very old carols was so inspiring!

SWRB: Is there a funny or interesting story you can share about the recording of this album?
DL: Interesting factoid 1: The first and only bathroom selfie I took (and ever will take) was with my sisters styling me for the photo shoot for the cover artwork. 
Interesting factoid 2: It's hard to blow glitter out of your hands and smile at the same time.
All Photography courtesy of Deanna Rose Photography

SWRB: Do you have future projects planned we can look forward to?
DL: Yes! Please check on my Facebook page for details about an upcoming project involving a full-length album that is not holiday-related. Well, there may be something in there about Arbor Day or something. ;)

SWRB: Do you have any advice for hopeful recording artists?
DL: JUST DO IT. Can't, never could until you tried. 

SWRB: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
DL: I adore your blog. I adore you. You are amazing. But that's not sharing, because everyone already knows that. 
I would like to share that I have a few social media outlets through which I share my thoughts and project details -- all my handles are @DeniceLanides for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I'd also like to share that I am quite fond of chocolate, dark or milk. 

Last thing I  would like to share: if your sisters know how to style and photograph and blog about you, they are some of your best resources ever. Not only do you get to look good, but you get to have a ton of fun taking pictures and spreading the word about your work!

 SWRB: Denice, I know your real sisters are as crazy about you as I am and they did a great job with styling and photography for your album!  You can follow her older sister Deanna on her photography blog: Deanna Rose Photography.  And you can follow her younger sister (the stylist!) on her style blog: Pretty is This.
All Photography courtesy of Deanna Rose Photography

Now, here's your chance to WIN a copy of this album!  All you have to do is comment below!! I will randomly draw a winner on Friday, December 13th!

Would you like to hear a little sample of what you will win?  If you just can't wait to win it--you can BUY IT NOW!