August 1, 2012

She enters BEAST MODE!

Okay, not REALLY "Beast Mode", but I feel SO awesome and PROUD of myself.  (Lots of caps, I know...really excited!!)

Week 4, Day 3:  I'm just about halfway finished with the last week, and despite the obstacles (Campmeeting, fatigue, sick kid), I have been faithful to this challenge.  Admittedly, I am going a little nuts on the diet part right now...but still maintaining my calorie intake (so far!!!)  

I ain't gonna lie to you all...the compliments I'm getting sure make me feel even more "BEAST"!!!  HA!!  (Is that term even still popular with the teenagers?  I am so old--another blog post for sure...)

Things I'm enjoying with this new body I am working to create...

1.  I have GUNS!  For real.  I have some very nice biceps developing.  Don't be shocked if I ask to feel my muscles.  I am super proud of them!  

2.  My face is thinner!  Woot!  I didn't even realize that until a friend pointed it out.  I haven't lost all that much weight, but I guess I'm toning down my face too!  YAY!  

3.  Speaking of face:  My skin.  It's getting clearer!  Sweating may actually be GOOD for you.  Who knew?!

4.  My waist.  I love my new waist.  It feels so teeny tiny.  And in way less than 30 days.  Totally awesome.

This year has been fun because we were able to bring our trailer (our house!) to Campmeeting.  There is NO COMPARISON to staying on the grounds.  Simply a blast!  My son, has been riding bikes and running around until he comes in every night with sore legs and sunburned nose & lips.  I imagine by the end of the week, his legs will be worn down to nubs!!  HAHAHA!!  

Ella was having a great time herself until she got the dreaded allergies.  UGH.  Since Saturday night, it has been a whine-fest and snot party for us.  Boo that.  Thank you, Lord for inventing Advil.  

Last night, Jon gave me some of the greatest news!!  He helped pray a little boy through to the Holy Ghost!  There is an 8 year old little boy named Greg who got a new birthday to celebrate last night!  WOO HOO!!  I am so proud of him!  

I was going to try to post some photos, but I can't seem to get them to download, so you will just have to take my word for it that I'm having a good time!

Oh!  And by next week I will have final stats from my challenge!!!  As well as Before/After photos!



Deanna Rose said...

Yay for muscles and sweat that helps your complexion!! I will need all your inspiration, cheer leading etc. in about 8 weeks! ;) Well, at least when you come back to the states. I hope you're able to blog often from the Philippines.

Kelley Highway said...

Congratulations! Proud of you!

Queen Esther said...

Wootwoot!!!! Isn't it funny how working out and watching your food helps your bod and your complexion?! I love it. I have noticed that as well. Stay on it, girl. You're doing awesome!