August 28, 2012

Manila on My Mind

It ain't easy being green.  And that is exactly the color I have felt the last 24 hrs.  Not sure if it's something I ate or if I got dehydrated or what, but felt like a horrible (deadly!!!) stomach bug got a hold of me.  But there is no rest for a missionary mamma.  Oh no...gotta keep moving and keep making it happen.  

So, let's recap about the last couple days, shall we?

Saturday, I became a runner.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  Ok, so I went on my first legit really real run with Sis. Dibble.  She has been running for 3 weeks now using the "Get Running" app for iPhone.  So, we did Week 1, Run 1 together.  Whoa Nelly.  I've been working out 6 days a week for nearly 2 months and running is a totally different type of exercise.  My poor wittle legs!!  But it felt good.  And, I managed to keep pace with her the entire time!  Go me!!!

At noon, we were picked up to take a little tour of the Manila American Cemetery.  Just awesome!!  Sis. Dibble, became the photographer, while Bro. Dibble gave a little tour of the cemetery.  The kids enjoyed being outdoors and Jon had fun trying to find the different states on the graves.  

Clearly, they love each other.  :)
Later, that evening, we had a double date with the Dibbles.  (Say that 5 times fast...)  We had dinner at Chili's, then a massage at Foot Zone.  After, we stopped by Starbucks (just as good as in the states--YES!!!!) then back to the "Ya-ya's" where the kids were.  :)  Anne has fallen in love with my kiddos.  Especially Ella.  She watched the kids for us at her church.  Jon got to experience his first Filipino Youth Service!!  He also made a new friend.  Nathan (Than Than--pronounced "tahn tahn") just had a birthday yesterday.  He is 10.  

We actually stayed up until 11:30 pm on Saturday.  A miracle.  And I figured it would be the best night's sleep yet.  WRONG.  Ugh.  I just cannot sleep through the night yet.

Sunday was our first church service.  We preached for Pastor Sulit.  We had 2 for sure confirmed to receive the Holy Ghost, but the pastor really felt like there were more.  It's hard to get an accurate count, as some people just do not know or understand what they received.  But a might move of God was felt by all.

Ella, once again, was the belle of the ball!  All the kids and some of the adults just flocked to her!  They all wanted photos with her.  Out come all the cell phones and it's instant paparazzi again.  By this time, Ella was exhausted, hot and HUNGRY.  We all were, so after a few photo ops, I took her away to the van.  We had dinner at KFC.  KFC is better in the Philippines.  Or maybe I was just THAT hungry.  LOL!  It was just after noon and we had been up since about 6:30 am.  Long day already!!

That evening, we got to meet Sis Donna Flowers for the first time.  Bless her heart, she had a little accident not long before we arrived and tore a muscle in her leg.  She is doing much better and instantly claimed my kiddos and wanted to be called "Grandy".  I hope we are able to visit with her often over the next several days.  She seems like a sweetheart and I think my kids are going to have a great time getting to know her.  

Monday was spent moving out of our little apartment and into the Dibble's townhouse.  We had an amazing farewell dinner at Banana Leaf and then a little yogurt at the Golden Spoon.  The Dibbles have spoiled us completely rotten and I loved every second of it!!!  They left late Monday evening for Guam, then the states.  We will miss them tremendously, but we will do our best to take very good care of their home while they are away.  Praying they have an awesome visit with their families!  Love me some "Mama Dibbs" and "Dibble".  (Ella, calls Bro. Dibble "Dibble"--seriously too cute!!)

PS:  If you would like a peek at where we are staying for the next several weeks, Sis D blogged about here guest suite here.

Another PS:  I will post another blog later tonight in regards to the mysterious C.R. and a mini vocabulary lesson.  :)  I don't want these posts to be so long and overwhelming that you don't LEARN something.  HA!!  Keep on praying for us!!

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Kelley Highway said...

Hope you feel better soon! Among eight different vitamin supplements, we take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C, 5,000 iu of Vitamin D and a multi.

We drink plenty of water every day-- especially at dinner-- and drink only bottled water in cheaper restaurants, too.

We wash our hands constantly and keep them off of our eyes, nose and mouth.

Praying for you! Sorry if I forgot to tell/remind you of these things. You're going to be fine, girls and boys!

*hugs* from Kelley Highway