August 22, 2012

Manila Mama!

I owe the blog weight loss before/after photos...but my trip supersedes that for the moment.

I don't know how often I will update this, but wanted to at least start with a few notes regarding the beginning of our little adventure.

Missions Trip Tip #1:  Pack light.  Or at least as light as you can.  I managed to get 2 months worth of clothes (we are gonna be recycling outfits a lot) and medicines in 3 large (29") suitcases.  Trent and I had a medium sized carry on.  Easy breezy trying to maneuver through the airport.  We put Jon on stroller duty and we just zipped along like we were on fire.  YAY!!

We had the most awesome greeting!  The Dibbles met us at the airport and she had her camera and took several photos of our arrival!  I felt like a famous person!!  We then had our first meal in the Philippines at Bacolod Chicken.  We ordered the petso (pay-cho) and rice.  Petso is a skewered chicken breast and wing that has been marinated and grilled. Seriously, so amazing!!!  Sis. Dibble taught us how to make the "sauce" for dipping.  You scrape out chili pepper seeds into a dish, then squeeze this little lime (it's just slightly larger than a marble)--and I can't ever remember the name, but they are fantastic, and then add soy sauce.  Delicious HEAVEN!!  Then, it was off to our apartment to get checked in, then CRASHING!!  Whew, jet lag is NO JOKE.

The next full day was HUGE.  Like colossal huge. Really big.

The Dibbles, AKA our chauffeurs, tour guides, and walking filipino encyclopedias, picked us up to get some groceries.  Sis D is THE BEST at giving you lots of helpful info (what to buy, what not to buy, what brands taste most like home, etc).  I hope with my jet lag, I was able to retain the most important stuff.  HA!  Jon told me later that he likes the grocery store here in Philippines.  :)  Their grocery stores (the one we went to was Uni-Mart) are kinda like a Safeway and Walgreens that got together and merged under one roof.  Everything from cookware, shampoo, fruit, meat, and flip flops all under one roof.  AWESOME.  :)  After the quick grocery trip, we were dropped off at the apartment where Jon finished up some school and I had a nap.  A really wonderful nap.

At 2 pm, we were picked up again (did I mention we had chauffeurs?) and Sis Dibble took Trent and I to the National Children's Hospital.  We were met by Annie (pronounced "Ah-knee").  She is a doll!!  She helps Sis D with translation while she visits the hospitals. We met several children that will forever haunt my mind...but in a good way.  Bless their little hearts!  Some were so skeletal because of the disease and illness that had taken over their body.  I felt like I had my heart broken over and over and over again.  I tried my best to find something beautiful about each child that I could share with the parent or guardian.  One little gal had an usual name "Hannery".  She and I had matching braids in our hair!  I met at least 3 "Princesses".  Yes, their first name was Princess.  I told Ella I got to meet 3 Princesses and she thought that was really cool.  

One little fella, Steven, really captured my heart.  His mother had posted a photo of him with the words:  "The Fighter Steven" above his crib.  I thought this was very cool and that Jon would think it was neat too.  Here is a photo of the photo of Steven, followed by a photo of me and Steven's mother and tita (tee-tah)--aunt.  

After this, we went to Mega Mall to do a little browsing until we were able to meet the Brotts for a farewell dinner at Dad's Buffet (Trent and I had eaten at Dad's over 11 years ago on a previous trip).  The Brotts were leaving that evening to head back to the states.  Wish we had more time with them, they seemed like super sweet people and I'd love the opportunity to get to know them better.

After dinner, Trent and I had our first Filipino Starbucks experience.  They call their frappucinos "coffee jelly".  Annie's favorite is the coffee jelly.  :)

All in all, a very full and perfect first day!


Kelley Highway said...

Loved this post, reading your opinions and feelings about your experiences. We're glad the Gilliams are here!

calamansi = calamondin; smaller than a Key lime; I think they're also grown in Florida

marlana said...

Sounds amazing!!! Cant wait to hear more! Praying for you guys and so excited to hear what God does!

Lana said...

Love hearing your adventures. I love both you and Sis. Dibble! Keep posting as much as you can. :-) love and prayers.

Lana said...

Love hearing your adventures. I love both you and Sis. Dibble! Keep posting as much as you can. :-) love and prayers.