August 7, 2012

The Pain Now, Means STRENGTH Later!

Well, well, well...I do believe I have just surprised and totally fooled myself.  I, Amber Marie Dunn Gilliam have COMPLETED a 30 Day Challenge.  I am still a little in shock.

At first, it was a kind of novelty.  I actually expected to get burned out and give up.  Wow, is it bad that I admitted I just didn't think I had it in me?  I don't trust myself.  But, after Week 3, I was a little surprised I had made it that far.  Then, we went to Campmeeting where there is no real schedule or normal routine, lots of late nights and eating foods that I don't have a lot of control over and so, I was sure I would flop that week.  Nope.  Held in there pretty strong.  YAY ME!!

So, after 30 Days of Beachbody's Brazlian Butt Lift (sorry if the title offends), I came through VICTORIOUS!  And STRONG!  

So, here are my results:

Weight Lost:  5.6 lbs
Bust: Down 3 in
Waist: Down 3 in
Hips: Down 1.75 in
Left/Right Arms: Down 2.5 in (total for both)
Left/Right Legs: Down 2 in (total for both)
Total inches lost:  12.25 inches!!!

All I can say is I am MUCH stronger than I thought I was and I am well on my way to making working out a LIFESTYLE for myself.  In fact, I started another challenge yesterday with my Facebook Weight Loss Group and I've already completed Day 2 of 30.  

Don't say "I can't" until you've tried.  And then, try again.  I thought surely a 35 year old mother of two was too old and too out of shape to get any kind of results, but I am so impressed with what I've done so far and looking forward to adding to those numbers!  Bye Bye Old, Out of Shape Me!!

And on a more spiritual note:  Have you noticed that the things that try you the most (mentally, physically, spiritually) are usually just a catalyst to make you stronger?  Going through tests and trials is NO FUN, but when you come through victorious on the other side--there is a deafening shout of praise and triumph!  



Peggy Tredway said...

Proud of you Amber! Yes it can be done-- I am proof that a 61 greatgrand mother can do it- I've lost over 40 pounds since August 31,2011! Still have a little ways to go ( less than 20) but I will make it even through outrageous pain-!

Taunya Richards said...

Way to go Amber! I may just have to try my own challenge.