March 4, 2011

The jacket that needs it's own spotlight...

Last night, Trent and I went to church to meet my brother and his family.  They flew in from Oklahoma and we drove 2 hours just to see their beautiful faces.  Aaahhh....I love my family!!!

Since it was a RARE opportunity for Trent and I to sit TOGETHER at church, I could not resist snapping a pic of our feet.  Because it's cheezy and kinda romantic all at the same time. 

Similar Shoe Here and if you want to copy Trent's will have to drop a concrete block on your foot.

I was so thrilled to see my baby brother and my sister in law and my crazy adorable niece, Alex.  I really LOVE my family. 

This was taken at 1:30 am.  We were exhausted BUT SO HAPPY to be together! 

I'm wearing my "disco ball" jacket from Gap (I got it on super duper sale for $32!!!) and a Ralph Lauren Silk Bow Tie Blouse ($10 Marshall's).

Sorry for the poor lighting... Jon took this shot for us.  And it looks like my brother (far right) was trying to fall asleep.  Well..we WERE really tired. 

Have an amazing weekend!  My  mom will be here in about an hour.  I am gonna squeeze the daylights out of her!  She and my mother in law are coming in to watch the kiddos while Trent and I go on a Home Missions Cruise.  I hope to have some great things to post some time after next week when I get back.

PS:  This shot is me minus 21.6 lbs!  Compare to my profile pic on the left.  I look good, huh?  Well, I can't resist tooting my own horn.  I have worked and tracked very hard to achieve this.  HAPPY GIRL!  And a long way to go.

The munchkins...Jon Thomas, Ella Holidae and Alex.  Again, it was 1:30 am.  Jon and Alex had been in Sunday School and then a bounce house and Ella was in Nursery.  She is the only one that got a power nap.

So, what do you think of the "Disco Ball" Jacket?  I am crazy in love with it.  It is SOOO me. 

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