March 3, 2011

What is in your paper cup?

I need to talk about this.

It's a burning issue.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!  I totally crack myself up sometimes.  And yes, I really should get out more.

Coffee.  It's what's for breakfast.  And most of us have it for lunch and dinner and then before we go to bed.   And it is quite obvious that in general, America is obsessed with it.  But WHY?!

Well, I can only tell you about ME...I love coffee because of the flavor.  Not the caffeine high.  I have consumed enough that I am immune.  I mean, isn't that what all addicts say?  Caffeine is a drug.  And one most of us need on a daily basis.  And there are a few of us that need a "hit" several times a day.

So, how do you take your coffee?  Do you add cream?  Sugar?  Sweetner?  Do you drink it black? 

I like mine with a bit of cream, no sugar.  I like the bold, rich flavor of coffee and only add cream to take a bit of the heat off.  The truth is...I'm a guzzler.  There is a perfect temp I have to have to drink my coffee...and once it's at that temp, I swig it down like it's going to run away from me.

I am sure you'd be surprised if I didn't include some of my favorite coffee places...and since I don't want to shock anyone into cardiac arrest...I will share...  Calm down...and maybe try switching to half-caff.  ;)

First, let's talk plain coffee...not lattes or frou-frou coffee.

My #1 choice for coffee is my Keurig at home.  I bought my Keurig as a house warming present to myself.  Aren't I thoughtful?  I have tried about a dozen different flavors and my favorite is the Gloria Jeans Hazelnut.  I use Fat Free French Vanilla creamer and it is the perfect medium brew.  My least favorite is the Gloria Jeans Cappucino.  Bleh.  It takes like leather or something else really not pleasant in a mug. 

Think a Keurig is too pricey?  Shop around!!!!!!!  A lot of stores are carrying them these days and you can save moolah by getting a slightly older model or less fancy one.  Honestly, I can't predict what time I am going to get up consistently enough to NEED a coffee maker with a timer set to go off at 7:04 am.

My #1 choice for Fast Food Coffee is good ol' McDonalds.  Yep.  It's the most consistent brew has a nice medium to bold flavor.  Right now McDs is serving their coffee (any size!) for $1.  I get the large with 3 creams put in and call it good. 

And now on to "the good stuff".  I know what you are thinking...  "She's gonna say Starbucks!!!"  Well, you are wrong.  Starbucks is only "good" because it's convenient and that is the cold hard truth.

My #1 choice for regular fat free lattes is Panera Bread.  I know.  Bizarre, right???  It shocked me too.  I discovered it by mistake.  I buy bagels for my office once a week, every week.  And I decided to join My Panera and get freebies.  Well, the first 2 freebies I got were Smoothies or Coffees.  Not being a smoothie kinda girl, I opted for a fat free latte.  The flavor that exploded in my mouth nearly brought tears to my eyes...and not because it was too hot...but because it was the best latte I've ever experienced--hands down.  A lighter roast with a slight touch of cinammon.  Good grief.  Perfection in a paper cup.  Trust me. 

My #2 choice would be this little coffee shop in Campbell, CA called Coffee Society.  The first time I went there, I tried a "fix me your favorite drink" and the barista must be psychic, because she NAILED it for me.  A fat free hazelnut white mocha.  She even made the foam into a cute little design.  *swoon*  I am such a sucker for the details.  The bad news is...I don't get over to that side of town enough to enjoy it regularly.

My #3 choice waffles back and forth between Starbucks and Peet's.  I have had ONE Peet's latte in my life that was worth spending money on...and it was SO good it was just shy of being as awesome at the Panera latte.  Peet's has a bold and robust flavor that is just a smidge oily.  Starbucks (which I have consumed more of), is a more bold flavor and is consistent to a certain degree.  About 60% of the time their lattes taste burnt.  And for this...I am thankful.  No's what keeps me in check about consuming too many of them.  I mean, if I really need a coffee/caffeine fix, I know I can go about 1/2 a block and get a latte and I know it's going to be ok.  Not fabulous, but ok.

As far as frou-frou drinks, my favorite (more conistently GOOD) drink is Starbucks fat free hazelnut white mocha....but they are ridiculous if you consider their point values.

Which brings me to one final point about coffee.  Waste of fat/calories or what?

For a ZERO point coffee:  Have it black w/ sweetener.  Bleh.
For a 1 point coffee:  Have it black with ONE creamer.  Meh.  Not bad.
For a 2 point latte:  Have a tall fat free (with or without sugar free syrup) latte.  Yay!
For a 3 point latte:  Have a grande fat free (with or without sugar free syrup) latte.  Yay!
For a 10 point latte:  Have a grande fat free hazelnut white mocha.  Yum but boo the points!  Not worth it!

So, what is in your paper cup???



Lana Lyman said...

Ahhh...the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut for the Keurig is what I drink every morning....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! But, I am one who must add cream AND sugar...:( I'm trying to get less on the sugar...a little at a time I guess!

For my 'on the go'...I love Panera's Vanilla Cappuccino..yum! And Starbucks is a must...I mean they are on every corner here. I love, love the soy white chocolate mocha...but 5 points for a SHORT has kept me from them. I've switched to a Carmel Macchiato with soy and it's 5 point for a I usually get the short which I figure is about 3 points.

Katydid said...

Here is my favorite...Folgers! It is the best part of waking up to me. Well, right after the fact of knowing all is good between me and Jesus.
Back to the coffee. My hubby makes it for me every morning (and any other time I ask him to). I like a dose of creamer and one packet of Sweet n Low. That's it.
Looks like it's time for an evening cuppa!