March 1, 2011

The Story of the Chambray Shirt

I am a devoted follower of Clothed Much.  I love her style, her personality and the fact that she dresses modestly.

She often (but not ridiculously so) wears a denim/chambray shirt.  I love this look on her and wanted to recreate it, but I did not own a denim/chambray shirt.  No problem.  I also love to shop.

Immediately, I went online.  Actually, I went to the Macy's app on my phone.  I usually always look online to kind of give me an idea about the price range of a particular item.

I first stumbled on this top. 
This is Lauren Jeans Co. Denim Shirt.  Retail $34.99 

I figured I could do a bit better on the price, considering it's just a plain jane denim shirt.

So, I went to Target app on my phone and found this:

This is Merona brand for $19.99.  Not too bad.  Certainly a reasonable price for a "staple" wardrobe item, right?

Well...I figured I could easily get this shirt for like $5 if I thrifted it.  So, I began the hunt.  And searched and searched and searched.  Several different thrifts and over the course of several different days with NO LUCK. 

So, it was back to the drawing board for me...because although $19.99 isn't a bad price, I am not totally in love with this wash...and I will have to pay shipping. 

So, I check Walmart using good ol' Internet Explorer.  The Walmart app is horrific, in my not so humble opinion...

Anyway, lo and behold, there is a denim/chambray shirt for $8.00 with $.97 shipping online at Walmart!!  WOOT!  I have certainly found the BEST DEAL EVER!!!!  It is very similar to the Target shirt...but for only $8 and the cheapola shipping...  Well, how can I go wrong?!?!

But I did.

I ordered a large.  Walmart's large runs like a 12/14.  Which has been my size for what feels like most of my adult life.  So, I figured I was safe buying a large.  I get it in, try it on and it's HUGE.  Like really no way I can make it work huge.  I am devasted.

So, the search continued.  And I happened to be in a SuperCenter Walmart like a week or so later and they had denim/chambray shirts on clearance for $9.  There, amongst the masses of deeply discounted clothing was ONE dark wash denim shirt.  Size large.  And without trying it on and only eye-balling it...thinking it looked more fitted than the previous size large I had bought (same name brand, Faded Glory), I bought it.  And it's too big. 

At this point, I am just plain mad at myself.  I have spent about $20+ and STILL do not have a shirt I can wear.

And I have hastily removed the tags AND lost the receipts.  I know...major moronic moves.  *insert eyeroll at myself here*  I am now stuck with not ONE, but TWO shirts that are too big (not a bad problem...but still, a problem) and I am even more determined than ever to find one.

And I think I did.

Last Sunday, in between church services, we stopped at the Folsum Outlets and I ran into the Gap Outlet and found it.  Hanging right there as soon as I walked in the door.  THE SHIRT!  Perfect color, not just one I will tolerate and it was 60% off!  WOOOOOOT!  I got my perfect shirt for $16 and and two not so perfect ones for an additional $20+!  *insert uncontrollable sobbing here*

Similar shirt at

Here are the lessons I learned: 

1.  Sometimes, it is not only CHEAPER and faster to buy the first thing you is also better for your sanity.

2.  I am no longer a size Large.  Which is one of the most thrilling things I have been able to post about, thus far.  WOOOT!  Go me!!!


Deanna said...

Woot! Woot! Go you!!

...oh and good for you on the shirts too. ;)

Rachel said...

Lovit! You look great! Happy you found your shirt;) !