March 21, 2011

...she said, rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

Happy Monday!  Happy Second Day of Spring!  Happy I am back from the land of the forgotten!

Ugh.  I spent the last week feeling very very unlike myself.  Sluggish, lazy, tired, depressed, sad, cranky, mean and nasty.  See... VERY unlike myself. 

I could blame it on a lot of things. But I think it's just that time of the year.  Winter blues hit me kinda late.  I have SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) and I forget about it EVERY single year, until I am so far into the funk that I can't do anything about it but just ride it out.  Actually, having only felt this way about a week...that's pretty good for me.  Maybe I am getting better as I get older???  HA!

Let's see....I should recap.  We made it back safely from the cruise. (Obviously).  It was fun.  Actually, quite enjoyable!  We took the same trip last year and I was a bit worried that we would be bored.  But this year, we did a few different things...and had some new friends to hang out with (along with a few old ones we love dearly!).

I promise to post a blog about that trip soon.  The pictures are still being held hostage on my camera in the bottom of my purse.  Negotiations are in the process as we speak...  Let's all think positively. 

Today, I wanna talk about being sick.  YAY!

Okay, not so "YAY!", but it happens to all of us.  At least ONCE in our lives.  I feel like I am lucky to only get "really sick" a few times a year.  In fact, I get "so deathly ill" so few times that I can recall (vividly) each time in a matter of seconds.  I am not sure if that is because I have such a great immune system or I am kinda paranoid about germs and stuff. any case, I am very rarely REALLY sick.  Oh sure, I get headcolds and headaches and fevers and whatnot...but nothing that keeps me slammed into the couch for an entire weekend. 

Ah yes...last Friday, I came home from work and put on my trusty fuzzy PJs.  What?  You don't have fuzzy PJs?  Well, you should get some!  What if you get sick!?!? What will you wear???  Anyway...

I put them on Friday and didn't take them off again until this morning.  Okay, I am not proud of that...but it's the truth, nonetheless. 

And you can only guess how horrific I looked this morning.  Whew.  I probably smelled just as bad, but since my nose is still not working, I can't be sure about that.  My face.  Egads.  It was a wreck.  Blackouts and scaly and blotchy and disgusting!  But, I only panicked for like a nanosecond.  Because... Duh duh duh duh!!!!! (that's superhero theme music, in case you couldn't tell), I had the MIRACLE cure for that sitting on my counter.

And I owe it all to Mrs. Perfekt.  Mrs. Perfekt is actually one of my BFFs from High School.  Sandy and I have a LOT of memories together.  I mean a LOT!!!!  And a few secrets too (ssssh!  Sandy, don't tell about that one know!)  She started a blog about fashion...but it morphed into something even better.  It's about all the great stuff she knows about.  In my opinion, she is the expert on EVERYTHING.  I remember asking her advice/opinion on nearly everything I did, wore, ate or bought when we were in high school.  And years later, we reunited via Facebook (oh, how I love Facebook!!!!) and we have fallen right back into our prospective roles.  Her: the advice the advice seeker. 

She wrote a blog about the one product she would never want to be without and, well...since she knows it all and is perfekt...I had to try it.  And she is (as usual...) SO RIGHT!!!!!

She recommended Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.  Wow.  First of all, he totally needs to change his name...because "Gross" is just...well, gross.  Maybe, he could be Dr. Dennis Grass?  Or Dr. Dennis Gress?  Sheesh...

Anyway, this is the one product she can't live without...and now...the one thing I will never be without as well.

This product saved me from looking as haggard and unkempt as I really am was this weekend.  I took 5 minutes and did this little acid peel and I now look radiant and fresh!  My skin looks hydrated and GLOWING.  Yes, I said glowing.  Truly, the ONE product that is worth every single penny you spend on it.  And although not, outrageously expensive (certainly cheaper than having a chemical peel done at the dermatologist), it is a bargain if it can make me look this good in only 5 minutes.

Wow.  I am brave.  Sick for over 48 hours, and I didn't do a thing to my hair this a.m.  This is the raw, if you will.  I don't look that bad at all, huh?  If you said yes...well, I appreciate your honesty but there is nothing wrong with lying to someone if it will keep them from punching you in the face.  HAHA!  Kidding!!!  I am only kidding.  Kinda.

PS:  I bought this "infinity loop" scarf while on the cruise.  I found it in this adorable shop in Ensenada, Mexico, for $10. 

Now, go find Mrs. Perfekt and ask her what she thinks about ANYTHING.  I promise, she will totally have an opinion...and she will be right. 


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Tiffany said...

Love your transparency...and your confidence! Looking good...I need to get me some of those "gross" products!