February 8, 2011

The later post I promised....

I am posting this from my phone laying in bed about to pass out from exhaustion.

Just spent the last 3+ hrs at the ER with my Pookie.

He gets the brilliant idea to buy concrete blocks for the back jacks of our trailer tonight. So, we hot-foot it over to Home Depot and grab a couple. Then, we took a quick little lap through the mall (located in the same parking lot of Home Depot--how convenient!!!). And finally we decided the night would not be complete without a trip to Wal-Mart. Boy, do I feel the redneck oozing out of me...

So, we grab some things. After waiting in the longest line ever, we head back to the car to load our haul and Trent went to the back of my Expedition and opened the back door and WHAM!!! One of those concrete blocks fell out on top of his foot. Well all the jumping around and flailing was kinda funny, but it took like 2 seconds to realize that he was seriously hurt.

He limped to the car and sat in the drivers seat and after I got everything put in the car and kids loaded, I asked to look at it. Wow. Wish I had not.

It was probably 4 or 5 times it's normal size in the one spot and looked like someone had shoved a tennis ball under the skin. I told him we were going to the ER right then.

ER visits are rarely pleasant, and so far we have been lucky and have only had to go a few times. Here's a tip: If you want faster service, make sure you are pregnant or have eaten a poisonous plant.

So, after we finally get back, they eventually give him a tetnus shot and take X-rays. Miraculously, there were no broken bones. Although, they did say that there may be possible hairline fractures. They put a splint on him, gave him some crutches, a prescription for Vicodin and told us to follow up in 2 days.

This was the only photo I was able to get. This was about 2 hrs after the accident.

Oh! Another tip: If you do plan on going to the ER and are not pregnant or have eaten something poisonous, do not plan your trip on Sunday or Monday. We were told this is the ER's busiest days.

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Jlangfordrn said...

So I am racked with confusing guilt - I laughed so hard at your husband's misfortune. Am I going to burn in hell? Either way I would like to make amends with my spirit and his by offering prayers of comfort and speedy recovery. Whew, I feel much better. Oh and FYI, chest pains will get you see in the ER really quickly too!! Real or otherwise ;)

Alesha said...

I find this blog to be contradictory of your original intent and subtitle to your blog. "Blog about things that make me happy..." I don't think this made you happy, although it did bring laughs to your other reader. LOL. Hope he feels better soon. Vicodin is some good stuff, so maybe he's feeling no pain today.

Elaine said...

Yikes! I hope he gets well soon!!!!