January 21, 2011

An idea floating around in my cavernous head

I have been trying to think of what I really want this blog to become.  I love fashion/style blogs...but eh, I can't commit to being fashionable (and photographable) every day and besides...it is so overdone.  Bleh.  I will just enjoy all the talent floating out there and take style cues and a few tips from them...but I don't think I really belong in their club.

However, I do have one aspect of my life that is probably different than most everyone I know.  I live in a travel trailer.  A 45' long 5th wheel with 5 slide outs.  This isn't your regular "camper", and it isn't quite a Prevost bus either...somewhere snug in the middle of all that. 

There are 2 thoughts that come to my mind when I tell people I live in a travel trailer:  1.  Wow.  I hope they don't think that me living in a travel trailer means I am trailer trash and I live like a hillbilly...  2.  If they do think that--they are right!  :|   Okay, not really...

Trailer life is not for the weak or faint of heart.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to live in a little narrow box that has wheels stuck to the bottom of it. 

And I suppose God knew exactly what he was doing (go figure!!!) and that is how I ended up being a gal that will spend the better part of her life living "The Trailer Life".  

You see, my daddy got into the Mobile Home (Manufactured Housing) business when I was younger and I spent almost every summer moving back and forth from this trailer to that trailer.  I am very skilled about moving.  Dad would get a good deal on a trailer, we'd move in, he'd find someone who was willing to buy it and we'd move right back out.  Once, we moved back and forth from one lot to the next lot and then back again. 

So, as a result, I am not very sentimental.  When I look at an object or knick-knack or scrap of paper, I calculate how many times I may have to move it and that is the deciding factor as to whether I keep something or not.  Digital photography has saved the preservation of my children's sweet little mugs.  Thank you, Lord for technology!!!

I also have learned how to make the tiniest of spaces work for me.  And I don't mind purging my things (clothes, stuff, paper, etc). many times a year.  I do not have a large closet.  Although, my closet now is like a mansion compared to my last closet.  I believe my last closet measured roughly 15 in wide.  Go ahead.  Get out a ruler.  Yes.  My closet was that narrow.  I had a short closet (next to my bed) that Ella inherited--I gladly relinquished it over to her upon her arrival...and therefore forfeited the other 18 in of  my closet space.  :(

But it's not all about clothes (and shoes--even though sometimes I forget this), it's about SPACE.  Room to move, sit, walk around, lay, crawl, play, etc.  And now...I HAVE IT!  I feel as though my husband and I are living like high class MILLIONAIRES!!!!!  And, to be honest.  We are. 

So, I will think of some interesting aspects of trailer life that most people probably never know about and share them with you.

If there is something in particular you are curious about, post a comment or contact me via email.

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