January 13, 2011

Fuzzy Butterfly Napkin Rings

Last weekend, I co-hosted my BFF's baby shower. Her sister and I began planning this event in October and it turned into THE Baby Shower of the Year! So much fun! The other sister and an aunt created the most delightful and fun treats for the guests and totally MADE the shower rock!! You can see a sample below--check out that fabulous spread!!

Our theme: Mad Hatter Tea Party!!

Partners in Crime! Mary and I made fingerless gloves and added buttons and ribbons to them for the guests as party favors. You can see ours here. I made my own tutu also!!

Here are the sisters together! Anne dressed as the Cheshire Cat! Awesome!!

We also thought it would be fun to have the guests create their own top hats...and my BFF, Kay-Kay is a craft junkie, so instead of games, we decorated hats!

Group shot of the entire party with our newly decorated hats!

My contribution to the decor was napkin rings! I even enlisted the help of Trent for this!!

How to make your own Fuzzy Butterfly Napkin Rings:

I think these would be darling for a little girl tea party also!!

1. Take two different color fuzzy pipe cleaners and twist together. I loved these bright colors!!

2. Fold the twisted pipe cleaners in half and leave a tiny loop at one end--this makes it easier to secure the ring together and also serves as a "platform" to attach the butterfly to.

3. Put the two ends together creating your ring and secure by twisting the straight end through the loop.

4. Attach the butterfly (these are scrapbooking 3D butterflies) to the ring on top of the closed loop. I attached mine with hot glue.

Viola!! A easy (cheap) and colorful addition to the table setting!!

I made 30 of these and the whole project start to finish took less than 45 min. If you are making fewer than 30, I'm sure you can beat my time!

My outfit details:
Jacket: Mossimo, thrifted
Shirt: Vintage 70's, thrifted
Skirt: Namebrand??, Marshall's
Tutu: DIY!!
Tights: Claire's
Shoes: Marc Fisher, Macy's
Bowtie Hairpins: Black Cat Mima (etsy)

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Amanda said...

Hey girl!! That shower looked amazing!! I love the napkin rings...I will keep that in mind! You look fab! Love the tights!