January 26, 2011

Being "Grown Up"

Today on FB, I am whining about having to be a grown up...because I just don't wanna.  It is no fun being responsible and having people (your children and husband) rely on you to make their world go around.  In fact, it is also quite exhausting and a job that never ever ever ends.  Which makes it even more of a drag.

Today, I have to go grocery shopping.  I really and truly hate to grocery shop.  Even more than I hate to cook/clean my kitchen.  My idea of grocery shopping is this kind of list:  Milk, bread, lunchmeat, cereal.  That's it.  If I have those things, my family can eat SOMETHING that I don't have to put too much effort in.  But that is not a "Grown Up" grocery list--at all. 

My "Grown Up" grocery list looks more like this:
Milk (Fat Free and Whole)
Bread (Sara Lee 45 Cal per Slice)
Juice (Apple)
Eggs (1 1/2 doz)
Cereal (Frosted Cheerios)
Lunchmeat (Turkey)
Peanut Butter (the kind w/ the oil--because it is lower carbs and tastes better!)
Jelly (Whatever Jon picks)
Fruit (Apples, Bananas and Oranges, maybe Grapes if they are not too overpriced)
Veggies (Canned: Green Beans, Carrots  Frozen: Broccoli)
Pasta (Spaghetti, Bowties--because Jon likes them)
Ground Turkey
Turkey Bacon
Frozen Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenderloins

That's it.  That's about as exciting as the list gets for me.  But still...I feel like I don't have "real food" in my house.

So, I joined Paul Deen online.  She emails me (not her, her representative that takes care of her site) and sent me this very helpful list:  Stocking Your Pantry.  I looked over her list.  I could only cross off 3 items from her list that I either have in my pantry or have on my list.  Basically, according to her list, my pantry is barren.  :(  No wonder coming up with something interesting to cook for dinner is so hard.  I don't have any supplies!!!

Tonight, Jon, Ella and I are going grocery shopping and I am going to "stock" my pantry a little.  I won't buy everything on her list because some of that stuff we do not eat (couscous???  who really eats that and how on earth do you prepare it?) but the recognizable stuff and the stuff we eat...I will buy that.  And maybe, just MAYBE cook more than one meal a week at my house-- and once again place myself in running for "Mom of the Year".


Alesha said...

I looked up the list. Great way to make sure you have all those items to cook. Girl, and if you only had 3, you really do need to go to the store! lol

sj1384 said...

LOVE couscous. Cook it like pasta and add seasoning to it. Example: Cook it in water like you would pasta, drain and toss with olive oil, italian seasoning and cooked broccoli. Yum. You can get really fancy with it too but...LOL