September 16, 2012

Not Ready for Goodbye

I'm still here, I promise.  Last week was a tough one for me.  We were texted early in the morning and told that a dear friend and past neighbor of ours was brutally stabbed in his home.  Jim was a dear friend to our family and his adopted son, Alex is Jon's best friend.  I cannot tell you the gaping hole that has been left behind.  It still does not even seem real to me.  I just can't imagine him being gone and poor little Alex without a dad.  Alex's mom is in a nursing home, as she is suffering from Alzheimer's.  Such a sad and tragic thing.  I am happy to report that the 3 killers were captured, thanks to the escape of two separate victims.  One of the men had Jim's gun and the connection was easily made and the 3 men confessed.

Later that same day, Annie and I visited NCH and were told that Steven "The Fighter" (read his story here) passed away on September 1.  Stunned.  I am still just in shock thinking about this sweet little boy, this champion that lost his fight.  

Yes, a tough week indeed.  

The end of the week was much better than the first.  Trent did a PHENOMENAL job at ACTS Bible School's Spiritual Emphasis Week.  I was so proud!!  The first day he taught on accepting the call.  So many things he said were so on target for where I was when I was in bible school.  If you want to do something great for God, don't wait on SOMEDAY to do it--start NOW.  The next day, he taught on building altars and the response was incredible!  Those students poured their hearts out tirelessly, building their own altars and laying themselves on it for a sacrifice to God.  It was beautiful!

I had a personal bought with a belly demon.  Seriously, there is no better way to describe it.  But, as of today, I am victorious--and 5 lbs lighter.  HA!  That won't last too long, as we've been making weekly trips to Krispy Kreme and Pan de Manila (for donuts and leche flan tarts--heaven help me!).  *sigh*

Today, we had service with Pastora Elsie Pestano and tonight will be a Holy Ghost Exlplo (short for explosion) at PARC, Pastor Caesar Pestano's church.  We had at least 8 or 10 receive the Holy Ghost this morning.  It is tough getting a count, as those that are receiving do not know what they have!  :)  

We are at the halfway point of our trip and Trent and I can hardly talk about it without choking up and feeling sad about having to leave.  This has been amazing and life changing on so many levels.  

Ma'am Flowers praying with the young ladies at ACTS.  Building Altars.

Sir Flowers and AIMer Kendra Shock praying with ACTS Students.
She should be arrested for the mutilation of this beautiful donut.  She only ate the icing.  :|
Mandatory Photo Shoot...All Smiles

Ok!  That is ENOUGH!  HAHAHAHA!!!


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Kelley Highway said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Prayers for you who've been a blessing to so many.