September 3, 2012

Super Sunday!

Yesterday, we were invited to preach for Pastor Ceasar Pestano.  His daughter Abigail (Abi) is an AMAZING worship leader.  I told her that if the pastors in the states knew of her talent, they would be fighting over her!  HA!  Seriously, she has a tremendous talent.  That is not an easy job, but she had the crowd totally READY to worship and receive the Word.

This is Annie praying in the altar with a lady.

There were 6 people that received the Holy Ghost for the first time and 2 baptized in Jesus' name. 

Sunday night, we preached at a ROOF service.  ROOF = Ring of OMSIFY (One Million Souls in Five Years) Fire.  Pastor Art Martinez started this meeting.  It is a service for several churches to get together and worship and an opportunity to bring people to receive the Holy Ghost.  This meeting was their 3rd meeting.  They hold the service at a University in the auditorium.  There were several hundred in attendance.

Pastor Ompat greeted the crowd, then Trent preached.  26 or 27 received the Holy Ghost that night!  It was awesome!  Jon and I noticed a boy about his age praying behind us.  I leaned over to Jon and told him to go pray with him.  He was nervous and shy, so he shook his head "no".  I told him that it was ok and there was nothing to be afraid of.  Well, he didn't go--he was just too shy or nervous.  Later, I looked over at him and he had tears running down his cheeks.  Thinking he was feeling something about the service, I asked him what he was feeling.  He said "I don't know".  Later, he told me that he felt like he should have gone and prayed for that little boy.  I smiled because I know God was teaching him a lesson about following His direction.  This is something that you can never really teach a person--but something they must learn on their own.  If he can learn this at 9 years old, he will be lightyears ahead of some of us adults.  

An "updo" for Ella.
A dramatized song from a group of young people.
Pastor Ompad

The boy Jon and I noticed praying.
Jon feels a touch

After service, Pastor and Ma'am Martinez took us to dinner.  We ate at Texas Roadhouse!  We had a great time visiting with them and they enjoyed the time with our kids.  They have 6 grandchildren and not ONE of them live in the Philippines!  Well, after a couple hours with Ella, I think Ma'am Martinez had her fill of grandkids for a little while--haha!! 

It was a fabulous and FULL Sunday.  We all crashed out almost as soon as our heads hit the pillow.  This is the very reason we came here.  We LIVE for Sundays like this.  


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