July 6, 2012

Challenge Me!

Great News!!!

We are DONE with 3rd grade!  WOOOOOOO!  Jon finished up school on July 4.  Not a bad way to celebrate our freedom, if I do say so myself!  HAHA!!  Now to start worrying and pondering what I'm gonna do for 4th grade.  AAAHHH!!!  

On a more personal note, I, Amber Marie Dunn Gilliam, will be doing a fitness challenge starting THIS MONDAY, July 9.  Some of you know I have a Weight Loss group on Facebook.  This has been HIGHLY motivational for me (as well as others), but I really do need/want to take it up a notch.  So, I committed to doing a workout with one of my members.  She is a Beachbody Coach and on Monday, I and a few other ladies will be doing the Brazilian Butt Lift program from Beach Body.  I am so excited, ready and quite frankly--scared to death.  Well, okay not "scared to death" more like "scared to worry".    I have done another Beachbody program in the past: Slim in 6, and I had great results and once I really committed to it, I loved it.  I am hopeful that in 30 days I can say the same thing about Brazilian Butt Lift.  

This challenge will keep me busy, and no doubt SORE right up until the time we leave for the Philippines, so this is perfect timing for me to do something for ME!  

Trent has mentioned (rather casually) that he'd do it too...but whether he does or not, I am determined to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 

This is my "before" photo I submitted to Beachbody.  It was taken June 3, 2012.  

My BEFORE before photo is still used as my profile photo for this blog.  So, I have come a long way...but still want to look even better.  

Wish me luck!!



Lana said...

You go girl. I've committed through a work challenge to work out at least three times a week. It's a challenge for me with summer classes, work and church. I'm proud of you; I know you're so busy. Can you invite me to your Facebook group? I wasn't aware of it and I need all the motivation I can get right now! I've gained a ton of weight in college and it needs to stop. Love your sweet family.

Amy said...

I need a brazilian beach butt!!! seriously!! sign me up! ha

Kelley Highway said...

Sorry. I have to chuckle at the name of the challenge... I'm still not used to that part of one's anatomy being used as casually as it is today. LOL

I don't wish you luck. I pray for your determination. You need to pray (and fast!) for mine! I got on the scale today and nearly had a heart attack. It was due to AYC being here last week, among other poor decisions on my part. I was a good girl today and ate an apple and took a great walk.

I'm up to a challenge, too. I'm up to it: but will I muster through? I CAN DO IT!

AND YOU WILL DO IT! Proud of you, and way to go on Third Grade!

Amgilliam said...

Sis Dibble, the name...I know. It's hilarious. And it's pronounced "Boom Boom", not "Bum Bum". :D

I just posted an update. I am shocked! :)