April 1, 2011

A Giant Chicken Nugget Sandwich (WW Weekly Food List)

Happy Friday and Happy April Fool's Day! Isn't it exciting to have all these pregnant people among us? HAHA! Don't think I didn't want to do the same joke...instead, I posted a little surprise on Trent's Facebook Wall. Hehehehe!!!

My mother was infamous for asking us each and every day: "What did you have for lunch today?", even though, we had a calendar on the fridge or we had heard it on the radio. Because I really am turning into my mother, I ask Jon every single day:  "What did you have for lunch, bubs?". And Wednesday, he gave me the cutest answer...

Me: What was for lunch today, Jon?
Jon: A giant chicken nugget with two buns on top.
Me: So, a chicken sandwich?
Jon: Yeah...

He then told me he took off the bread because he "didn't care too much for the the buns". But the chicken nugget sandwich was SO GOOD. HAHAHA!!!!

So, here's my weekly eats...I'll just post the list and the total for the day (to keep it easier/cleaner to read). Next Friday, I may do something a bit different. I am really looking forward to these Friday posts now because it is VERY motivating to keep me eating right.

Breakfast: 1 slice wheat bread, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, coffee w/ cream
Lunch: Subway Turkey & Ham (no cheese, plus mayo) & Baked Lays, unsweet tea
Snack: Light popcorn
Dinner: Olive Garden Soup & Salad w/ 1/2 breadstick, water
Total: 31 pts

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 plain bagel thins, 1 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, coffee w/ cream
Lunch: 1/2 McDonad's Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Ranch dressing
Snack: 1/4 C Starbucks caramel macchiato ice cream
Later Snack: tall nonfat, sugar-free hazelnut latte
Dinner: Denny's 1/2 pancake with sugar-free syrup, 1 serving egg whites, 1 slice turkey bacon, fruit cup, coffee w/ cream
Snack I didn't want to count: some of Ella's chocolate covered pretzels (Godiva!!)
Total: 28 pts
(yes, even with all that sweet stuff!!)

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 plain bagel thins, 1 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, coffee w/ cream
Lunch: 1/2 McDonald's Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Ranch dressing (I am soooo tired of this salad, can you tell??)
Snack: Gummy Fruit Snack, Light Popcorn
Dinner: Baked chicken, green beans, carrots, diet coke
Shameful dessert: 1 sugar cookie, 1/2 slice of chocolate cake & 1/2 C ff & sf frozen yogurt
Total: 30 pts

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 plain bagel thins, 1 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese, coffee w/ cream
Lunch: Subway Turkey & Ham (no cheese, plus mayo), baked lays, unsweet tea
Snack: 8 oz Banana slurpee (SO WORTH 2 PTS!!!!)
Dinner: (This is where my day kinda fell apart) Chicken Salad Sandwich...didn't like it after I had eaten almost 1/2 of it, so I made a Ham & Cheese Sandwich, ate 1/2, decided that wasn't what I wanted either, so I made 1/2 a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich...which hit the spot, baked lays and 2 of my Peanut Butter Cookies (see below for easy recipe)
Total: 40 pts
(This is why meal planning is IMPORTANT!!!)

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1 slice wheat toast, 1 Tbsp of reduced fat cream cheese. coffee w/ cream
Lunch: Probably Taco Bell... I am still undecided. I'm kinda over my salad from McDs and have OD'ed on carbs as of last night.
Dinner: Hmm, again, undecided...but maybe a repeat of last week's Friday dinner which was rotisserie chicken, white rice and french bread (yeah, no veggies). This is Jon's all-time favorite meal. I like it because it is EASY!!!
Total: with this tentative plan--22 pts

Man, Thursday I TOTALLY dropped the ball for dinner. That usually doesn't happen to me, but nothing tasted right. It sounded good...in fact, I had been looking forward to chicken salad all day...but it was just bleh!!!

I did eat a few more veggies than last week and yesterday, I even WALKED, which is kinda a big deal for me. I plan on doing some walking today, as well.   Hopefully I can "fix" things after Thursday's dinner meltdown. I should totally blame that banana slurpee...

My PB Cookies: 
(This recipe is SO simple, you don't even need to write it down)

1 C Peanut Butter (Any kind, except chunky)
1 C White Sugar
1 Egg

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2.  Mix PB, Sugar & Egg in a large bowl ("dough" will be grainy feeling/looking)
3.  Spoon out onto parchment paper or non-stick cookie sheet
4.  Bake for 8-10 min
5.  Let cool for about a min before removing from cookie sheet

Makes approx. 2 doz cookies (2 pts each)

Have you ever had a week where you were doing okay...then you kinda lost your mind and had to scramble to get back on track? Do you wallow in the guilt, or get up and move on?


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Stephanie said...

I make those same cookies. I've even used Splenda to bring the calorie (and point) count down a bit. Yummy yummy.