February 9, 2011


"I am not a label snob", she says as she sets down her leopard Coach bag.

But there ARE certain things that are worth spending a little extra money on.  And I know you are all thinking the exact same thing that I am thinking....  Ketchup.

I can eat/drink/wear/drive/ anything that doesn't have a name brand...but the ONE thing on this planet that I do not buy the generic brand is ketchup.  Okay...there are a few other things that I just can't tolerate in their generic brands...but at the top of the list, is ketchup.  Ketchup is the redneck gravy that makes any meal...just a little better. 

So, what is my favorite "name brand" ketchup?  Heinz, of course. 
Tomato Ketchup
© 2010 H.J. Heinz Co., L.P.

Sugar bumps is just now discovering her love of ketchup.  She kinda goes a little spastic when we pull this little bottle out of the fridge or off the table.  She squeals in delight and well...I admit, I have the same reaction to ketchup.  Ok, not really.  I contain my delight, but it is so awesome to see her little pudgy cheeks grin to exponential proportions just over ketchup!!

Ella Holidae very matter of factly...having some ketchup.


Katydid said...

I like the way she dabbed, dabbed dabbed in that luscious ketchup. Mmmmm mm mm she made it look so good!
She is so cute, Amber.

Mrs. Perfekt said...

I'm still crushing on your bag! Super fab! Not with you on the ketchup thing but the video is adorable.