December 17, 2013

The Road to Jesus

A person's Christian walk is often referred to as a journey or path.  And our ultimate destination is heaven.  We all want to go.  We are all marching toward that great reward.

Although there is a promise of heaven, there was also a promise of a Messiah.  Many people came from far and near to see this little baby that was born to save us. How could this be?  Really, a Messiah that is wrapped in swaddling clothes?  This, they had to see!

The wise men took one of the most famous journeys to Jesus. Their efforts are somewhat documented in the pages of history, but I sincerely doubt the real truth was published.

If their road trip is anything like our road trips, they stopped every one and a half hours so someone could "potty".  Chances are the mommas along the journey ran out of entertainment for the kids about 30 minutes into the trip and all the snacks she had so carefully packed were devoured by the time they had crossed the first state line.

Considering the fact that their "vehicle" was an animal, I am sure there were emergency stops for refueling, "tire changes" and possibly even a complete break down depending on the conditions of the travel and the roads.

Ironically, our journey to Jesus is much the same way.  A never ending "road trip" to the one who not only created this earth we traverse, but waits patiently as we run this race.  We have hang ups.  Mistakes.  Struggles.  Potholes of life that seem to veer us off the path.  We don't intend to stop and stay so long at that travel station, but they had a mini-mall inside!!!

The road to Jesus is not always smooth.  Sometimes we go through things that do not make sense.  Snow storms in the middle of the desert?  Yes.  In the smack middle of the desert, we have had to pull over to wait out a blizzard.  That doesn't make sense.  We did not not want our journey to be delayed, but it was.  The very next morning, we got up and continued along the way.  You can't let a little storm keep you stuck on the side of the road.  You MUST get back on the road and keep moving!

Another interesting thing about the wise men's journey to Jesus was that when they left, they went a different way.  After witnessing this miracle, they were changed.  They didn't want to travel down that same road again.  They forged a new path. A better path.

As you celebrate this season and think on Him, and while you walk this road, remember that it is OK to have car trouble, but make sure you get it into the station to be looked out.  Don't forget to fill up your tank when you are running low and make sure you keep traveling until you reach your destination.

Wishing you all a Merry and Miraculous Christmas Season!

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Nathan Maki said...

Great post! I was thinking as I read that for the wise men to have left the same way would have been downright dangerous! Same for us; when we meet Jesus we'd better not turn and leave the way we came! God bless you this Merry Christmas! :)