August 21, 2013

Blame it on the rain

Being from the South, I am no stranger to rain. Thunder storms and lighting do not frighten me. Tornadoes are just "one of the seasons" I have endured as a child growing up, so I am no stranger to inclement weather.

Typhoon season is another matter all together. Whoa Nelly. That is some serious rain fall. Buckets and barrels full. Thankfully, the school is on higher ground, so we have not had any street flooding here, although there has been some flooding in the dorms and some of the homes here on the compound.

Parts of Manila are closed entirely and many streets are flooded with water that is chest high. Some of the pastors who have been affected by the flooding have been parking their cars here at the school.

Sunday night, the students returned after their weekend away to lots of rain. The girls had a clogged drain and had to bail water for a while to spare their dorm room until someone got the drain unclogged. I was so impressed with their attitudes and spirits. Such happy kids! Trent had asked me to go down and check on the girls and see how bad the water was. I walked into a very happy chaos!! The girls were bailing, sweeping, singing and laughing as though it were a party and not a potential flood! Their song? "Victory is mine"!! I have never wanted more to be a Filipina than in that moment. I want to be happy like that!! I want true joy in the midst of trouble. Oh God, please help my heart learn to trust you even when I am bailing out the flood waters of life!!!

There is no doubt that these kids are inspirations to me. They help me see things more clearly and realize that through it ALL, I really can have faith and trust God to move and provide--in every situation.

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inhistime said...

Beautiful post, Amber.
Thank you for the reminder to always, well always TRY...Lol, to be "happy like that!!"

God bless you all!
Love and prayers,
♥Tena V.