April 25, 2013

My Daily Bread Seasoned with the Miracles of God

God has this way of working out stuff in my head.  He gives me this random kinda off the wall thought and then nags me about it for days and makes ME figure out what He is trying to say...  Does He do that to any of you too?

So, I've been mentally chewing on the thought of mercy and miracles. Like, how do they compare to one another, how do they compliment each other and how do you experience them...

And here's what I've come up with, so far:

Mercy.  Mercy is a place or condition we, as humans, live in EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The Bible teaches us that His mercies are NEW every morning.  Which is kind of interesting, because just as He promised the children of Israel that He would supply their daily bread in the Old Testament, He also teaches us how to pray and lets us know that God will also supply our daily bread too!!  Which leads me to believe, that our physical hunger is just as important as our spiritual sustenance.  And if God can supply my food, why couldn't He also supply the mercy and grace I need to make it from day to day?

Well, I don't know about you, but I need all the mercy I can get.  I mean, I am just a human, I mess up. I make mistakes.  I have moments (even DAYS) that I am not proud of.  But, EACH day, His mercy is new.  I get another chance.  He forgives and I can move on from that failure and start making things RIGHT.

Mercy.  A great place to live EVERY single day.

But, come on, what about the MIRACLES of God.  Now, THOSE are pretty cool, right?  But, what does it take to GET a miracle. First of all, you have to have a need.  And this need cannot be just an ordinary need.  This has to be something that only God performing a MIRACLE could produce.  And let's face it, I am guilty of saying "I need a miracle", when really all I NEED to do is get off my lazy "sit-down place" and get moving and do it MYSELF.

But there are times when God is the only one who can supply my need.  A desperate and vital moment in which a miracle is the ONLY answer.  My husband has preached on Living in the Miraculous countless times and I refer back to it many times over via my blog, Facebook and in conversations with friends.  But you see, this was truly much more than the mercy of God...this was the MIRACLES of God.  My husband literally was getting a check in the mail every day from various people or departments in the UPCI and it was JUST ENOUGH to meet that need.  I can recall the emotions of that need very vividly and that happened over 6 years ago!  I remember the desperation, the worry, the panic, the fear and the uncertainty.  We literally did not know what we were going to do.  But God did.  He had a perfect opportunity to show us His miracles.

Now, we all love to talk about the miracles of God, but let's face it, they are kind of rare and special.  I mean, if God just threw around miracles all day long, what on earth would we ever pray and seek His face over?  The real beauty and miracle of living for God is being able to live in His mercy and that be enough.  Enough....JUST ENOUGH to get you through each and every single day.

The Mercy of God and the Miracles of God DO compliment each other.  You really cannot have one without the other.  The mercy of God carries you through the day to day while the miracles of God carries us from impossibility to impossibility.  We are able to experience the mercy of God no matter what our situation in life...even if you do not serve Him, he STILL extends His mercy to you.  If He did not, no sinner would ever get to know Him and have this experience!  Yes, the mercy of God is for us ALL!  But the miracles of God, they are for His children.  Those that call him Daddy.  Those that look to him in an impossible situation and say: "I cannot fix this, I need you to help!"  And He does.  In His own perfect (although seemingly slow) timing and perfect will.

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