October 9, 2012

Making Room for the Impossible

It's probably the greatest lesson I have learned while here in the Philippines.  It's probably the greatest lesson I will learn my entire life.

I am learning to make room for the impossible.

A few weekends ago, we sat around the table at KFC with the Gallimits and we were having a great time!  Talking, laughing and sharing stories.  Truly, one of the highlights of our trip.  At one point, Pastor Gallimit said something, and it has been replaying over and over in my brain ever since.

I have replayed it so many times, savoring it, and trying to wrap my head around the idea and the magnitude of this concept.

Pastor Gallimit said:  "The Philippines is the land of the impossible."  We were talking about jeepneys and how amazing it is that SO MANY Filipinos can fit into one vehicle.  Just when you think there is no room for one more, two more Filipinos will climb in and magically, there is room.  Well, this has been an idea that I could just not shake.  
How many times do we think a situation is impossible? We think that there is no way and our doubt leaves NO ROOM for the impossible to squeeze in.

If the average Filipino has FAITH that there is room on an already crowded jeepney, how is it I cannot have the faith that God can make a way when a situation looks impossible to me.  Mentally, I have already crowded out the room God needs to perform the impossible.  I have shut the door to my situation and have bound His hands from answering my need.

My prayer:  God, help me to have the faith to know that "the impossible" has just enough room for Your perfect will to squeeze in and perform the work.

PS:  If you follow my blog and don't follow me (or my husband) on Facebook or Twitter, I MUST highly recommend a blog post for you to read.  Kendra Shock is a fellow AIMer here in the Philippines and she wrote an awesome post about her feelings regarding the Philippines...and they mirror mine almost exactly.  A great read--grab some tissues!!   


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