December 14, 2010

2 fab things I am wearing today

Last Saturday, we spent the day in SF. We went to Dicken's Christmas and Jon and I painted ornaments!

He chose to do a tiger and painted the word "Hi" on it. I chose to do a turtle and painted mine all rainbowy.

After that, we BARTed into the city to hang out around Union Square and shop (ok, window shop) a bit. Trent was going to take Jon ice skating, but the line was crazy long. :( Maybe next year.

On our way back to BART, I spotted this little beauty in the window of Gap Body. Serious crush on this!! And it's as snugly as it looks!!

I also spotted these little beauties and know me and bling:

Ah yes, the best part of winter is the clothes!! Okay, and shoes/boots and tights, and scarves, and hats...yeah. Hehe!!

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